How to paste wallpaper for new year

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Wallpaper with various styles is often the preferred material for wall decoration by many owners, but once the wallpaper is damp and moldy, it will no longer be beautiful. To do a good job of wallpaper moisture-proof, we should start from the decoration, and laying a good foundation can effectively avoid many troubles in the future

the first step is to choose breathable materials

moisture prevention should be prepared as early as possible for home safety. At present, there are many wallpaper materials on the market, including non-woven fabric, wood fiber, PVC, glass fiber substrate, cloth, etc. relatively speaking, PVC wallpaper is the most airtight, and it is the easiest to keep the water vapor discharged from the wall in it, and it is easy to form mildew after a long time

the second step is to keep the wall dry

the wall must be kept dry. The new cement construction generally needs to be maintained for 20 to 40 days before the wallpaper can be paved. It is worth noting that during decoration, attention should be paid not to allow irregular construction to mix sea sand that is not suitable for wall painting. The sea sand has high salt content, which is easy to absorb water and bury it for the later wall “ flood. Before posting wallpaper, the base surface needs to be treated first. If it is a second-hand house renovation, the gap in the wall must be filled, otherwise the wallpaper is easy to empty

the third step is to check the paving quality

three materials and seven projects. Paying attention to small details when paving wallpaper on the wall can achieve better results. Wallpapers generally have various patterns. When paving, you must pay attention to whether there is a large gap between the two wallpapers and whether the mosaic is aligned. In addition, watering during paving will wet the wallpaper, and there will be a certain shrinkage after drying, so the expansion position should be reserved. Try not to open the contraction joint of the wall to the air inlet

step 4: don't forget to maintain it continuously

proper maintenance can prolong the service life of the wallpaper and enhance the moisture-proof function. Do not fully open the windows and doors during the construction period and within 24 hours after the completion of the construction. Too much ventilation will cause the wallpaper to dry sharply and shrink unevenly, resulting in cracks at the joints. After 3 days of paving, pay attention to adjust the ventilation. In order to prevent moisture from entering, doors and windows should be opened during the day to maintain ventilation, and doors and windows should be closed as far as possible at night




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