30000 yuan to create 120 square meters of beautifu

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As wage earners, they all hope to create their dream home in the most cost-effective way in the process of decoration. This 120 square meter beautiful new home only costs 30000 yuan. It has powerful functions under the fashionable appearance. The working class must not miss a cost-effective decoration case

less than 30000 decoration, 120 square meters decoration, economic decoration

the living room is very spacious, and the orange color tone gives people a warm and comfortable feeling

the light colors on the wall well set off the style of the overall room, which is fresh, natural and simple

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Beautiful netizens' luxurious but not vulgar personalized mansion. As long as you feel and build it with your heart, the beautiful hut will be vividly displayed in front of you

apartment decoration 110 square meters, decoration mix and match style

Sleeping Beauty's bed, the overall feeling is very warm

antique small cabinet, on which is placed the antique bird cage

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