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On May 11th, 2015, the head office reached an agreement with the franchise Department of the company to officially join isalai and become a member of isalai family! Isalai has settled down in Xingzi County, Jiangxi Province

outside the nickname! Isalai, the top ten curtain brands, has also settled down in Xingzi County, Jiangxi Province! On May 11th, 2015, the head office reached an agreement with the franchise Department of the company to officially join isalai and become a member of isalai family! Then came the opening time of the eleventh tailoring training course of isalay headquarters. As the only male student in the eleventh period, President Cheng devoted himself to the intense one week study. Xiao Yi also followed up the whole training course, recording all aspects of the 11th session of students. Because Cheng is always the only male student in the class, Xiao Yi also paid special attention to it. President Cheng didn't have the boss's airs at all in this training, so he was particularly kind and had a very harmonious relationship with other students

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president Cheng has been engaged in curtain business for more than three years. This time, he changed his business strategy and is determined to follow the brand line. After many investigations, he resolutely chose isalay! As one of the top ten curtain brands in China, isalay has a strong reputation. Isalay fabric curtains have a variety of styles, and new product launches are held every year, which can maintain the fashion and novelty of styles; The series products of eight styles fully meet the different needs of consumers

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according to historical records, Xingzi County has been established for more than a thousand years, and has been known as "the throat of the South, the lock and key of the West River, and the door of the right river" since ancient times! It is a flourishing area of Neo Confucianism and Zen that has influenced Chinese ideology and culture for nearly a thousand years and hundreds of years. It is the birthplace of nantianshi Dao, which has a profound impact on social life. It is also the location of Bailudong academy, the world's earliest institution of higher learning and the first of the four ancient academies. Such a famous county, such a land of outstanding people and geomantic omen, I believe that after the decoration of isalai franchise store, the tall design can also become another scenery in Xingzi County! Xingzi isalai franchise store is sure to create a good performance in this treasure land and lay another world of its own! Bring better life enjoyment to local owners

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here, on behalf of all isalai people, I would like to warmly congratulate Jiangxi Xingzi isalai curtain franchise store, the top ten brands of curtains, on officially joining the isalai family and becoming an indispensable part of isalai! Let's work together! Work together for a better cause

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