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With the marginalization of the location of new houses, many people choose to buy second-hand houses with relatively mature community conditions in the urban area. With the rise of second-hand houses, the decoration of second-hand houses has also become a hot spot in the home decoration market

with the marginalization of the location of new houses, many people choose to buy second-hand houses with relatively mature community conditions in the urban area. With the rise of second-hand houses, the decoration of second-hand houses has also become a hot spot in the home decoration market, but the structure of old houses is very different from that of new houses. If you don't know enough about houses, you will start to decorate in a hurry, which will not only hurt the house, but also you. Therefore, Before you begin to refit a second-hand house, you must be clear about the structure of the house type. At the same time, it is inevitable to demolish and transform the original facilities in the decoration of second-hand houses, especially when the functionality of the room changes, or the owner is not satisfied with the structure and layout of the room, so it needs to be rearranged, which requires great care. Carelessness hurts the house and you

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many owners reported that construction errors always occur in the process of demolition and renovation, adding a lot of troubles. Here, Xiaobian collected the cases that the owners most reflected in the decoration of second-hand houses and were most prone to problems. He found that the transformation of home decoration bearing walls and concealed works was still the key and difficult point in the refitting of second-hand houses. Therefore, Xiaobian consulted professional supervisors and decoration companies to bring you detailed solutions to the refitting of second-hand houses, so that no one would be hurt by the refitting of second-hand houses

case 1: breaking the load-bearing wall

risk factor: ★★★★★

many netizens reported that because the house type design of some old houses is unreasonable, they will think of demolishing and changing the wall during the secondary decoration. But most netizens know little about the house type. Knocking on the wall at will not only costs more to dismantle and change the wall, but also causes greater harm to the house

expert modification suggestions: due to the small size of the old house, the compact space, and the limitations of the decoration design, in order to avoid breaking the load-bearing wall, you might as well try to use the late home accessories to expand the space. For example, if you think that one wall is redundant, you might as well make it an artistic photo wall

case 2: Nonstandard waterway reconstruction

risk factor: ★★★☆

another major project of secondary decoration is the removal of outdated ceiling, floor tiles, putty layer, paint layer, waterproof layer, etc. If the kitchen and bathroom are changed, the water and electricity will be moved. If the tiles are slotted and the water pipes are removed, it is likely to cause great waste and potential safety hazards for future use. In addition, the oxidation of water will cause local corrosion and pollution of old residential pipelines, especially the parts of water pipe joint threading, which are easy to rust inside and outside, so that the pressure resistance is reduced, and it is easy to cause leakage, cracking and even water pipe fracture

experts' refitting suggestions: for second-hand houses whose decoration service life has reached more than 15 years, it is necessary to transform the water supply pipeline and select new water pipe materials. The common ones are PP-R, PE and other new plastic pipes, and the higher grades are stainless steel pipes and copper pipes. Do not choose aluminum plastic pipe; Pipes are usually buried in the decoration, but it is best not to bury them in the ground. When transforming the walls and floors of second-hand houses, we should also pay attention to: the original decoration of old houses generally uses hydrophilic gypsum putty, which needs to be completely eradicated and then replaced with water-resistant putty

case 3: hidden dangers buried in circuit transformation

risk factor: ★★★★

when removing the ceiling or smashing the wall, it is likely to damage the original circuit. The original socket circuit of the old house may not have a grounding wire, which does not meet the safety standard of electricity

expert modification suggestions: When dismantling and modifying the circuit, first open several socket boxes to check the nozzle of the originally installed wire pipe. If the wire pipe has been rusted, it should be discarded. If the conduit is well preserved, replace the wires in the conduit directly. If the conduit is threaded with standard plastic copper wire, it can still be used; The newly added power sockets and lighting circuits should preferably be wired separately from the distribution box, because the current of all the original circuits is calculated and distributed according to the electrical load of each circuit branch during installation. Arbitrary wiring or adding sockets and lighting appliances to the original circuit will cause excessive load of a single circuit, which is easy to cause tripping or burn out the main power switch. In addition, the circuit should go from the ground. Most of the old houses are precast slab floors. After the wires are threaded on the ground, in addition to solid wood floors and floor tiles, they must be slotted, which is very troublesome

Xiaobian comments: for the refitting of second-hand houses, the owners must be careful when choosing beauty. The hydropower lines must be laid according to the current electricity and water standards. Especially for the load-bearing wall, whether it is the top floor or the bottom floor, we must not hit the wall. If we have to hit the wall, we must ask the housing engineer to make a decision after on-site investigation, and we cannot make our own decisions. I hope everyone can have a warm and comfortable home





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