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The development status of the three major plastic building materials crisis in China in recent years, the increase of national investment in infrastructure has also greatly promoted the development of plastic building materials. As plastic building materials will become a new consumption hotspot and economic growth point, the varieties of plastic building products will be gradually serialized, matched and standardized, the requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation and the promotion and application will be strengthened, and the demand for various plastic pipes, doors and windows, high polymer waterproof materials, decoration materials, thermal insulation materials and other plastic products for construction will increase significantly

with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, China's plastic building materials industry has become the second largest pillar industry in the plastic industry after packaging. In recent years, China's plastic building materials industry has accelerated the pace of R & D, promotion and application. The production scale of the industry has been expanding, and the technical level has been steadily improved. In particular, plastic profiles and pipes have entered a stable and mature growth period, and become the best variety of plastic building materials. More than 30% of China's regions have applied new plastic pipes, and some provinces and cities with rapid development have reached 90%. In some cities and towns in the three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia, more than 40% of new residential buildings use plastic doors and windows, and more than 80% of new residential buildings in Qingdao and Dalian use plastic windows

analysis: the development of the three major plastic building materials crisis in China

various plastic building materials made of plastics are usually prepared from many materials, of which high molecular polymer (or synthetic resin) is the main component. In addition, according to the needs of plastic building materials, 2 According to the experimental temperature, it can be divided into high temperature, normal temperature and low temperature experimental machines; Various auxiliary materials, such as fillers, plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, colorants, etc., can be added appropriately in order to become plastics with good performance. China's plastic building materials are roughly divided into: plastic plates, plastic pipes and plastic profiles

plastic plates: widely used, excellent performance

plasticsheets are plates made of plastic as raw materials. They are widely used in construction and chemical industry. When used in chemical industry, environmental protection and building plates, they have the characteristics of wear resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, recyclability, high strength, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deform, and repeated use. Moreover, the hard plastic support plate replaced at present can also be recycled and processed, greatly reducing the cost

among them, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a kind of engineering plastic with excellent performance, such as high wear resistance, impact resistance, low friction coefficient, good self-lubricating performance, excellent low temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc

as a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent performance, UHMWPE was mainly used in the textile, papermaking, food and other industrial sectors in the early stage of development. With the continuous progress of technology, it can produce a variety of products with different processing methods, so the application field continues to expand

at present, in addition to the above applications, there are also important applications in cutting-edge technology fields such as mining machinery, construction machinery, transportation machinery, composite lining and atomic energy. In foreign countries, UHMWPE has been widely used in various fields

now plastic plates are developing in the direction of integrating beauty and practicality, and their functions are expanding in the direction of more professional and special functions

the development status of the three major plastic building materials crises in China

plastic pipes: they are booming in the crisis

in recent years, plastic pipes have played an increasingly important role in the construction of urban water supply and drainage pipes. Compared with traditional cast iron pipes, plastic pipes have light unit weight and long service life. Generally speaking, the service life of plastic pipes is more than 50 years, basically reaching the same service life as buildings. In some special fields, the application of plastic pipes is very large. For example, in the most eye-catching floor radiant heating industry, people use PE XA or PE-RT pipes as heating pipes to heat the whole room through floor radiation, which has the advantages of comfort, safety, environmental protection and energy saving. It has gradually become the first choice for winter heating in northern areas

at the same time, the application field of plastic pipes has been further expanded. In addition to the continuous growth of municipal and building water supply and drainage pipelines, agricultural (water supply, irrigation and drainage) pipelines, the application proportion of rural human and livestock drinking water transformation, solar water transmission pipelines, municipal sewage, ground source heat pump transmission pipelines, communications, electricity, gas, heating, medical and other industries has increased significantly

during the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's annual demand for plastic pipes for construction is about 5billion meters. By 2010, China's plastic pipe output will reach 4.5 million tons, and by 2015, it will reach 6million tons. At that time, China will become the country with the largest plastic pipe output in the world

with such a rapid development trend and the requirements of various fields and use environment, more and more plastic pipes are developed in new varieties, new understanding of the parameters, measurement range and measurement accuracy of the tensile machine to avoid failing to meet the standard structure, new materials, new technologies, new processes and patent projects to be measured. In addition to the considerable progress in PE, PE-X, Pb, composite pipe, corrugated pipe and other varieties, high-temperature resistant polyethylene pipe (PE-RT), plastic composite pipe (such as hldpe, silent drain pipe, etc.), plastic metal composite pipe, corrugated pipe of various materials and composite materials, annular ribbed pipe and other new pipes are also developing rapidly as long as they conform to the mechanical values of the association and are wound

at the same time, it should be noted that there are still some unfavorable factors restricting the development of China's plastic pipeline industry, such as low product prices caused by vicious market competition, high dependence on raw material imports, slow promotion and application of new products and technologies, etc., especially the current global economic crisis has a great impact on the development of the plastic pipeline industry

in order to speed up the development of China's plastic pipe industry, the author suggests: give full play to the functions of industry associations and actively provide services and support to enterprises. Speed up the development of raw materials in China and standardize the industry self-discipline. Strict quality restriction mechanism should be established to make enterprises with excellent quality and high content of product technology become the mainstream of the market on july24,2014. Construction enterprises should also master more advanced technologies, so as to improve the overall use effect of products.

plastic profiles: develop towards functional and high documentation.

plastic profiles are mainly used for plastic steel doors and windows. They are the fourth generation of new energy-saving products after wood, steel and aluminum. At present, the annual production capacity of plastic profiles in China's door and window industry has been close to 4million tons, and the actual production and sales volume has also been close to 2million tons/year. The anti war plastic profile and door and window industry have greatly promoted the application of China's chemical building materials, and made great contributions to China's energy and resources conservation and economic construction. At the same time, it has played a great role in improving the living environment of our people. However, various contradictions and imbalances in the process of rapid development have also become an important factor restricting the healthy development of the industry. Affected by the internal and external environment in the past two years, the price inversion phenomenon in the industry has not recovered so far

the requirements for plastic profiles vary according to the different ambient temperatures in different regions. In severe and cold regions, impact modifier should be appropriately added or new impact modifier ACR should be used to replace the original impact modifier CPE to improve the impact resistance of plastic profile. In hot areas with high ultraviolet radiation intensity, the dosage of titanium dioxide and ultraviolet absorbent should be appropriately increased to improve the aging resistance of plastic profiles. For high-rise buildings in coastal areas, profiled materials with a and B wall thickness (2.8mm or 2.5mm) and large cavity shall be used to improve the wind pressure resistance of plastic doors and windows

with the development and popularization of plastic doors and windows, especially the application in the economically developed coastal areas in the south in recent years, plastic doors and windows have begun to develop into functional and highly documented. The anti bacteria plastic profile has huge market power. It should be noted that with the increase of door and window functions, the proportion of various accessories in the cost of doors and windows will be greatly increased, and some even exceed the cost of profiles in doors and windows

overview: plastic profiles, plastic pipes, plastic plates and other products have formed a huge chemical building materials industry chain in China. Only the plastic profile has an annual production capacity of 2.8 million tons, and has entered the ranks of a large plastic country

nowadays, China's plastic building materials have entered the ranks of the world's advanced plastic countries. Despite the global financial crisis, the development of plastic building materials is still developing at a rapid speed

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