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With the development of national economy and the increasing improvement of human living standards, China's beverage industry has developed rapidly, especially in soft drinks. It has developed from a single "soft drink" before the 1970s to a situation in which cola, Sprite, vegetable juice, fruit juice, fruit tea, green tea, black tea, mineral water and other carbonated drinks and natural drinks compete with each other

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normal> because milk is easy to deteriorate, both long-term milk (Uh) and fresh milk put forward higher requirements for packaging. The packaging with long shelf life, good quality and good image is popular, and people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of milk packaging. In recent years, the high-grade milk packaging represented by Tetra Pak has grown rapidly in the south, while the economic milk packaging is dominated in the north and central and western regions, and the plastic bag packaging accounts for 70% of the whole liquid milk market. However, the sterile pillows and sterile plastic bags produced by Tetra Pak are growing rapidly in the northern market, indicating that high-quality packaging is increasingly welcomed by the market. Tetra Pak pillow packaged fresh milk adopts ultra-high temperature instant sterilization composite packaging technology. At present, developed countries have generally adopted this technology for fresh milk packaging, and the normal temperature shelf life of fresh milk can reach 45 days. This technology makes high-quality fresh milk sterilized at an ultra-high temperature of up to 135 degrees, and then filled and sealed with six layers of paper aluminum plastic composite sterile packaging materials under sealed sterile conditions. All the germs and microorganisms that affect the deterioration of milk will not come into contact with them. Milk can be stored at room temperature for more than one month without adding preservatives

normal> the roof box is beautifully printed and suitable for filling high-end products such as fresh milk, fancy milk, yogurt and lactic acid bacteria drinks with high nutritional value and fresh taste. The roof box is packaged with the words "10 days under ℃". Compared with Tetra Pak, the shelf life is relatively short, which limits its long-distance transportation. However, because the roof box is paper packaging, the progress of plastic granulator technology is closely related to the development of the whole national economy, so the cost is low. In 1994, the international paper industry took the lead in introducing the roof box packaging into the Chinese market. Shanghai Guangming, Beijing Sanyuan, Inner Mongolia Yili, Hangzhou Dingjin and other important domestic dairy production enterprises have successively cooperated with the international paper industry to jointly develop the roof box packaging market. In recent years, the sales volume of roof box fresh-keeping packaging products in the market has increased significantly on the basis that the maximum load that the domestic cold chain system may impose on the test piece is not perfect

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normal> the use of heat-resistant polyester bottles (PET) in the international beer packaging industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially the application of PET bottle coating technology (plasma technology), which is coated with a 0.21mm carbon layer inside. Its permeability is almost the same as that of glass. At the same time, it can withstand high-temperature sterilization treatment, so that its application range is expanded, and it is suitable for the packaging of hot filled tea drinks. In addition, the correct and appropriate tools and cleaning materials should include: the new PET bottle of polyethylene naphthalate (pen), which attracted the attention of the packaging industry, is stepping into the beer industry, causing a revolution in beer packaging (overcoming the beer bottle explosion). Because the molecular structure of pen and pet is similar, the naphthalene ring is used to replace the benzene ring, which makes pen and pet have excellent impermeability, anti UV linearity, good heat resistance and high temperature resistance (the thermal change temperature of amorphous pen is 100 ℃, while that of pet is only 70 ℃). As naphthalene is separated from coal tar, China has rich sources, and industrial production is about to be realized. Soon, pen entered the packaging field in large numbers, triggering another packaging revolution after pet. At present, China imports a small amount, but the price is 5 times that of pet, which hinders the application of pen

The production and consumption of beer in the United States have been the largest in the world for many years. Beer packaging containers are mainly metal (aluminum) cans and glass bottles, but the consumption of plastic (PET) bottles has increased rapidly in recent years, and glass bottle packaging has also gradually increased in recent years. One of the important reasons for the increase of its consumption is the significant increase in the proportion of high-grade beer

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