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Development status of fruit packaging industry in sanmen'e city (Part 2)

3 ideas and ways to develop fruit packaging industry

3.1 further improve the understanding of fruit packaging industry

exquisite packaging is a lifelong advertisement and free advertisement of commodities, which is not only a symbol of high-grade commodities. The project to increase the annual output of 70000 tons of rolled copper foil is progressing smoothly, with high product value, but also enables consumers to have a strong desire to buy. According to authoritative statistics, 50%-60% of consumers are interested in buying because of the impact of packaging. Therefore, good packaging plays an important role in promoting the brand and increasing the added value of fruits. It is of far-reaching significance for the development of fruit industry to clearly understand the role of packaging in fruit sales and establish the awareness that packaging is the second quality of commodities

3.2 determine the direction of fruit packaging according to the trend of the consumer market

today, with more and more abundant commodities, people's consumption concept and consumption mode have changed significantly. The development of fruit packaging has the following significant trends: first, it is convenient and compact. At present, the consumption of fruits in cities and towns has gradually tended to be characterized by buying fresh fruits and eating a few times. Convenience is the eternal pursuit of consumers. Therefore, fruits packed in boxes of more than 10 kg can no longer meet the needs of most consumers. Instead, small packaged fruits with a capacity of kg or even less are used. Second, the exquisite high-end model. The high-grade packaging of domestic high-quality fruits will be an inevitable choice to occupy the domestic market and go abroad to participate in international competition. Third, trust and transparency. Some transparent materials are used in the packaging, and some perspective windows are designed, so that consumers can know the shape, size, color, etc. of the fruit at a glance, which enhances the natural affinity, and will prompt consumers to make tendentious choices quickly after making similar comparisons, so as to improve consumers' desire for purchase and sense of trust. Fourth, green and environment-friendly. Returning to nature and pursuing the company is the most perfect and competitive company in the field of basic research utilization research industrialization in the field of powder metallurgy materials and c/c composites in China. Seeking health is not only the requirement of consumers for fruit quality, but also the inevitable requirement for its packaging. Green packaging conforms to the consumption trend of ecology, environmental protection and health, and is the direction for the future development of fruit packaging. There should be no stagnation and jumping phenomenon. At present, fruit packaging materials have broken through the single pattern of ordinary carton packaging, and developed into green and ecological packaging materials such as exquisite bamboo, rattan, wood and recyclable corrugated boxes. Edible film packaging (i.e. waxing) is a kind of green fruit packaging gradually emerging in recent years. At present, it is widely used in some developed countries, but it is rarely used in China. If the waxing technology is widely popularized and applied, it will play a great role in promoting the city's fruits to go abroad and enter the international market

3.3 around the fruit brand construction, the implementation of fruit brand packaging

brand is an intangible asset that distinguishes from competitors' products in the sales market. It is the basis for consumers to choose goods and the means for enterprises (industries) to maximize profits. At present, it has become the main measure of market competition. Especially for agricultural products, to a large extent, the most direct and final performance of the brand is packaging. In fruit packaging, we should pay attention to the close combination with fruit brand construction, truly establish the brand awareness of packaging, fully consider fruit characteristics, market characteristics, consumer psychology and other factors in the selection of packaging materials and packaging design, and strive to give packaging a strong modern visual impact and cultural taste

3.4 highlight personalized packaging and delivery planning, and improve the grade of fruit packaging

fruit packaging is the last process in the fruit production and marketing chain. The same fruit packaging has different prices, and high-quality products need exquisite packaging to reflect, so as to enhance market competitiveness

the fruit quality in our city has been greatly improved in recent years, but the packaging grade has not been matched accordingly. The key is that the packaging design has not highlighted personalization and has not reflected the commodity sales concept of appropriate and advanced packaging. On the basis of considering the characteristics of fruits, personalized brand packaging design should coordinate various design elements from the perspective of trademark, pattern, color, shape, materials and other constituent elements, so as to obtain the best personalized packaging design scheme. The city's fruit packaging should be scientifically classified according to different sales areas and consumption habits, take the high-end market and large supermarkets as the target market, and take high-end cartons and personalized brand packaging as the breakthrough, so as to drive the whole city to improve the grade of fruit packaging

3.5 with the fruit scale management as the guide, leading the fruit packaging to a higher level

with the continuous changes in the domestic and international markets and the rapid development of the rural economy after joining the WTO, econcore is expanding the functions of its thermhex technology. The contradiction between the small scale of fruit farmers' operation and the industrialization, scale and brand development of the fruit industry has gradually emerged, It has become a restrictive factor for the fruit packaging industry to reach a new level. It is impossible for thousands of people to become the main body leading fruit packaging. According to the current situation of our city, the main bodies should be those fruit scale operators, including large producers and organized production villages (fruit tree associations). When these large-scale business entities develop to a certain extent, their internal pursuit of profits and investment will urge them to unite with more and more farmers, implement their own production standards and technical requirements, purchase qualified fruits, and enter the market after unified OEM packaging. Since 200 (), driven by some large-scale business entities such as "Changjiang industry", "Shanfu fruit industry" and "Qingshan horticultural farm", the company has registered the trademarks of "Tianxiang", "Shanfu" and "taiyangguo" respectively, paid attention to brand packaging, followed the road of high-quality and high-end packaging, and has become the leader of fruit packaging in our city. In particular, the "SOD apple" packaging in 2002 includes single-layer, individual, pallet, cover and fresh-keeping bag, with the origin description inside. The external design takes the unique white swan of our city as the pattern, which reflects the ecology, environmental protection and regional culture of our city, making consumers refreshing and giving consumers a brand-new concept of health

3.6 making full use of resource advantages to develop high-end packaging paper enterprises

packaging industry is currently internationally recognized as a sunrise industry. According to the calculation, one truck of paper can produce five trucks of cartons. The high freight determines that the supply area of carton manufacturers will not be too large, and there is resistance to cross regional circulation. At present, most of the packaging in our city is mainly purchased from Yuncheng, Shanxi Province. Shanxi mainly produces low-grade materials and low-grade packaging with low added value. At present, there is no high-grade packaging paper manufacturer in the surrounding areas of our city. However, the vast apple tree branch resources in our city can completely become the production raw materials of high-grade wood pulp paper. Wood pulp paper can be used to manufacture high-grade cartons, paper, fruit bags, etc., and has a good market prospect

source: Northern Fruit Tree

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