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With the development of technology, especially information technology, the external environment faced by enterprises has undergone significant changes. On the one hand, the number of competitive brands in the market has increased dramatically. On the other hand, channel customers usually only choose the products of strong brands for sales. In this way, it is urgent to establish a strong brand system

brand is the key to open the door of the market. It is a systematic concept. Brand can not only provide value for customers, but also create value for enterprises. Therefore, brand not only brings competitive advantages to enterprise products, but also brings competitive advantages to enterprises

in terms of national policies, there is a saying about brands in the report of the 16th National Congress: "we should form a number of world-class multinational enterprises and famous brands". The new leading group of the CPC Central Committee gave instructions on the report on the implementation of the famous brand strategy, that is, to further implement the famous brand strategy. This is the voice of the Central Committee. In addition, the China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee was established, which is a special institution of the state and is under the charge of the State Bureau of technical supervision. It has been promoting China famous brand products for three years. The 333 Chinese famous brand products selected in the past three years are actually the highest level among several industry products

in the packaging equipment industry, due to the late start, low starting point and small scale, the overall level of China's packaging machinery is 20 years behind that of developed countries. At present, 60%-70% of the domestic demand, especially the complete sets of equipment with high technical content rely on imports. Compared with the packaging products industry, packaging equipment is the weakness of China's packaging industry

after China's entry into WTO, the world's packaging powers will enter China's packaging equipment market on a large scale by virtue of their concentrated capital and advantageous development and innovation ability after China's tariff reduction. In this regard, without strong countermeasures, the commanding heights of China's packaging industry may be controlled by the international capital of the world's packaging powers. To this end, the state will provide a series of preferential policies to support some powerful enterprises in the packaging equipment industry

therefore, in order to win the support of national policies, enterprises in the packaging equipment manufacturing industry must establish their own brands and comply with the trend of national economic development

1. Overview of China's packaging equipment industry

China's packaging equipment started late and was almost blank when new China was founded. Only a few factories or workshops produced some simple manual packaging equipment or provided repair services for a few imported machines. Before the 1980s, the development was slow, and only a few low-level packaging equipment could be produced, mainly in tobacco processing, sugar making, salt making, wine making and other industries. Packaging equipment did not become an independent industry, and there was no packaging equipment in the product catalogue published by the state

Since the 1980s, due to the reform and opening up, China's economy has developed rapidly, and the social demand for packaging equipment has been increasing. The demand of the market, the attention of the government, the guidance of policies and active support have led to the rapid development of China's packaging equipment, with an average annual growth rate of 30%. In the 1990s, it is still growing at a rate of more than 20%

according to statistics, by the end of the 1990s, more than 1000 enterprises in China had produced packaging equipment. From the perspective of enterprise scale, only 18.5% of the national packaging equipment enterprises had more than 1000 employees, that is to say, the enterprise scale of packaging equipment is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Although there are not many large enterprises, there are also a certain proportion, which has certain energy and influence, It provides favorable conditions for the development of high-tech and complex products

in terms of the degree of specialization, at present, the degree of specialization of installation equipment calculated by measuring its elongation and section reduction in China is not high. 57% of enterprises are part-time production, and only there are many provincial and municipal specialized factories in coastal areas. From the perspective of product composition of enterprises, China's packaging equipment is mainly concentrated in cigarettes, beverages and light industry; The chemical industry, building materials industry, metallurgical industry, sugar industry and grain processing have few packaging equipment, that is, the so-called heavy bag packaging production equipment is very few. As the heavy bag packaging equipment has high requirements for automation and high scientific and technological content, involving machinery, electricity, electronics, instruments, computers, sensors, gas and liquid, etc., it is highly specialized and requires a lot of research and development funds, so there are few scientific research institutions and manufacturers

the main problems in China's packaging equipment industry are: first, the lack of macro-control. Due to the low starting point of packaging equipment enterprises, "congenitally deficient" and cross department, it is difficult to make overall planning and macro guidance. They often rush into mass action in investment and development of new products, resulting in low-level repeated disorderly competition. The second is the lack of capital investment, which is also common in the machinery industry. It is difficult to attract a large amount of capital investment and carry out a large number of technological transformation. Due to the lack of funds, the investment in research and development accounts for less than 1% of the average sales, and it is impossible to produce, develop and research one generation at a time. Due to the lack of technical reserves and the poor digestion and absorption of introduced technology, the enterprise has few new products and lacks competitiveness. These have restricted the development of the industry. At present, the export value of packaging equipment in China is less than 5% of the total output value, but the import value is roughly equivalent to the total output value

therefore, in order to survive and develop, packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises should not only improve the technical content of the equipment, but also flexibly and innovatively enhance the popularity of the enterprise and carry out brand building according to their own characteristics

2. Enterprise brand building in packaging equipment manufacturing industry

what is the brand? Brand is a complex concept with comprehensive verification of 6 points. It is the intangible sum of trademark, name, packaging, price, history, reputation, symbol and advertising style. The American Marketing Association (AMA) once defined a brand as a name, noun, logo, symbol, or design or a combination of them. Its purpose is to identify the products or services of a seller or a group of sellers and distinguish it from the products or services of competitors. Therefore, we can start with the concept of brand to develop and enhance the brand in the packaging equipment industry

2.1 determination of trademark and name

a trademark is a significant sign that distinguishes the goods it operates from the same or similar goods of others. China's trademark law stipulates that a trademark approved and registered by the trademark office is a registered trademark, and the trademark registrant enjoys the exclusive right to use the trademark and is protected by law. Therefore, unregistered trademarks are always in a state of no right protection, and may be prohibited from use at any time due to the approval and registration of others' identical or similar trademarks. There are still a large number of packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises in China that have not registered their trademarks. It is conceivable that these enterprises can still build brands with heart? So, can the equipment they make have a high technical content? Therefore, the brand building of enterprises should first register trademarks to ensure that their products are protected by law

2.2 product differentiation positioning

in the market environment of diversified brands and complex competition, in order to create a brand image and enhance the premium ability of the brand, it is necessary to carry out product differentiation positioning, so as to improve the market competitiveness. Because differentiation is the foundation of brand premium ability. Therefore, if packaging equipment enterprises want to manufacture differentiated equipment, they must improve their own level, and technology is the trump card for enterprises to manufacture differentiated equipment and improve their level. The basic technologies of packaging equipment are as follows:

(1) electromechanical integration technology. The goal is to improve the automation, reliability and stability of packaging machinery

(2) microcomputer application technology. Microcomputer control, detection, compensation, adjustment, display and other technologies are applied to the control and monitoring of packaging machinery to improve the reliability and intelligence of packaging machinery

(3) heat pipe technology. It is used to improve the quality, reliability, adaptability to materials and save energy

(4) basic supporting technology. Quality assurance technology for supporting electrical hydraulic components, special pumps, valves, sensors, photoelectric conversion components, motors, electrical appliances and hydraulic control components; And the development of various or off-line detection equipment, such as foreign object detection, weight review, metal detection, vacuum degree detection and other equipment and technologies

(5) modern design technology. Including computer aided design (CAD), computer simulation design, optimization design, reliability design, concurrent design and other technologies to continuously improve the design level of packaging machinery

(6) modular technology. Modular design is adopted to improve the flexibility of the packaging production line and the operation level of the production system

(7) modern manufacturing technology. Vigorously promote the application of cad/cam technology, and improve the technology level, material surface treatment, quality inspection and material adaptability

at present, the most important thing for us is to introduce computer simulation design technology. In order to speed up the development of new products in Germany, computer simulation technology has been widely used in the design of packaging machinery, that is, various machine elements are stored in the computer in a database. After designers directly call the parameters of various machine parts and components for design according to requirements, the computer can automatically synthesize them into three-dimensional models. Then input the actual production data and indicators, and input various possible faults. The computer three-dimensional model can operate according to the real working conditions, and demonstrate the productivity that can be achieved? How much waste is there? Whether each link of the production line can match the production, and where is the bottleneck? Make it clear to customers according to the images and curves displayed on the display screen, and modify the model according to customers' opinions. Computer synthesis is very fast, so the modification work is fast and convenient until the customer or designer is satisfied. The computer simulation design technology has greatly shortened the development and design cycle of packaging machinery

in addition, industrialized countries have accumulated many successful experiences in the manufacturing of packaging machinery: the United States is good at electromechanical packaging machinery, Germany leads the world in metrological packaging machinery, and Japan is good at applying microcomputer control technology to the control of packaging machinery. Therefore, we can consciously learn from their experience and technology when designing and manufacturing equipment, so as to improve our own ability and provide intellectual support for manufacturing differentiated products

2.3 utilization of media resources

due to the particularity of the packaging industry, the "environmental protection chair" made of recycled milk packaging, which can be seen everywhere in World Expos such as TV stations, has pushed the utilization of paper packaging products to a new climax. Although non-metallic materials will not cause scratches on the rotor, it is not ideal to advertise on the media, so we can choose some professional newspapers and periodicals for publicity. For example, China packaging industry, lubricating oil, China machinery and China packaging, among which China packaging is a comprehensive journal mainly promoting packaging, which is subordinate to China Packaging Technology Association and China Packaging Corporation. It is the most authoritative magazine in China's packaging industry, with a wide range of readers, so it is our best publicity media. According to the advertisers of China Packaging in recent years, there are 34 members of the American packaging and processing machinery manufacturer (PMMI), France Keller

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