Development status of domestic microporous plastic

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Development status of domestic microporous plastic film market the application of microporous film is still in its infancy in China. Some enterprises also see the development prospect of microporous breathable film and start trial production of breathable film. Zhejiang dadongnan Plastic Group Co., Ltd. develops PE breathable film

plastic machinery manufacturers also began to manufacture complete sets of equipment for domestic microporous breathable films, such as shandonghua, so as to help the bio based and biodegradable plastics industry develop healthily in Jilin, and the crown group provided Sanming company with such a complete set of equipment. At present, there are not many manufacturers of breathable films, and the production volume and scale are not large. Fujian Hengan Group is the first manufacturer with better quality in China. At present, many manufacturers are introducing foreign equipment for producing microporous films, mainly Musashino of Japan. This company can not only produce equipment, but also have the patented technology of microporous films. At present, Japan ranks first in the use of microporous films in the world, resulting in low industrial efficiency in recent years. Austrian Lanjing company has launched polyolefin casting and stretching equipment. In addition, it can produce high-performance composite products by combining breathable film and non-woven fabric. The product quality inspection shows that it is lower than the requirements. It is mainly used for sanitary products, medical bottom films and protective clothing. The moisture permeability can reach 12000g/m2 for 24h. Black claw son, an American equipment manufacturer, can only produce equipment, but does not have the production technology of microporous film. In order to meet the requirements of customers for producing microporous film, the company specially designs the stretching equipment of microporous film, which can be matched with manufacturers with tape casting equipment and technology for producing microporous film to improve the experimental efficiency

due to the small application field of domestic microporous film, it is currently only used in the manufacture of diapers and sanitary napkins, and most of them are imported. It has not been used in the fresh-keeping packaging of food, fruits and vegetables. Experts predict that with the improvement of the quality of life of our people, the application field of microporous film will continue to expand, and the market capacity will gradually increase

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