Think about the past and plan for the future. 2017

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Think about the past • think about the future 2017 annual meeting of Doosan loader agents

think about the past • think about the future 2017 annual meeting of Doosan loader agents

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warm Doosan dream through frost and cold, replenish: experience wind and rain in the forming conditions to moisten the loader. On December 9, Yantai, the port city, was as clean as a blue sky, and the winter sun emitted a warm light; The Sheraton venue is simple and dignified, full of guests. In order to jointly summarize 2016 and plan for 2017, on the morning of that day, the 2017 annual meeting of Doosan loader agents with the theme of "thinking about the past and looking for the future" was grandly opened. Mr. Sun Yuyu, general manager of Doosan construction machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd., and more than 100 agents across the country attended the annual meeting

2017 annual meeting of Doosan loader agents

in order to enhance the confidence of new agents, new agents were invited to visit the factory on the afternoon of December 8. Since moving to the factory in Yantai Development Zone, the loader production has always adhered to the most advanced technology to build products and control quality with the strictest requirements. In the market downturn environment, the strict control of product quality by the factory is the most firm guarantee for customers in the agent industry

Mr. Sun Yuxi, general manager of Doosan construction machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. delivered a speech.

on December 9, we were moved to review and imagine the future. Everyone gathered at Sheraton Yantai hotel. Sun Yuxi often addressed the conference instead of gb11945- ⑴ 989, extended a warm welcome to the participants, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the agents who have been facing market difficulties with the factory. Later, Mr. Sun reviewed the upcoming 2016, which was undoubtedly a heavy year for every Doushan man. Due to the impact of the market economy environment, the development of Doushan loader to lengthen the graphene industry chain was difficult. Therefore, the company made strategic adjustments to the loader business: changing the business mode, reducing the stages, increasing financing, and achieved remarkable results; Successfully upgraded products from country 2 to country 3, and 9C series was fully launched; Mr. Sun visited the sales front line many times and invited senior executives to visit agents and customers together many times to strengthen the communication and exchange between the factory, agents and customers; Ladder awards were set up to stimulate the sales enthusiasm of agents, which promoted the improvement of sales. Finally, Mr. Sun promised that in 2017, the company would increase its support to agents in terms of sales, bonus support, quality, management and other aspects to cope with the changing market demand

next, the leaders of all departments of the factory systematically introduced the sales policy, ps/am policy, DCFL financing policy, 6T vehicles and mainframe of Doosan loaders in 2017, and answered questions face to face with agents to jointly discuss how to expand the sales channel of loaders and provide customers with better quality products. In particular, head Lu Yinfeng used the PPT animation of "tall and tall", which was more intuitive and innovative. Everyone showed the appearance, performance and system parameters of the mainframe, making the original complex and rigid principle beautiful

At the

award ceremony

dinner, in order to improve the enthusiasm of agents, Li Haozhe, President of China, personally visited the dinner site, and together with executive sun, awarded trophies and medals to agents with outstanding sales, OD and market aspects, rewarded their excellent performance in the past year, and encouraged them to reach a new level next year

2017 is the second year of the 13th five year plan. Various reforms have entered the construction period. After the 19th CPC National Congress, major projects and infrastructure investment will accelerate, and continue to play the core force of steady growth. Therefore, 2017 will also be more important. 5. The compliance of products under the new national standard is a year of safety compliance under certain conditions of use. I believe that the side-by-side cooperation of factories, agents and salespeople will surely seize this opportunity and create brilliance again

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