China will focus on developing four types of plast

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China will focus on developing four types of plastic products

in the future, China will focus on developing four types of products: agricultural plastic, packaging plastic, building plastic and industrial and engineering plastic products

agricultural plastics. Focus on the development of various functional greenhouse films, mulching films and forage films required for the cultivation of vegetables, flowers and cash crops. In terms of water conservancy, we will mainly develop water-saving irrigation equipment, anti-seepage pipes and anti-seepage membranes for channels, different types of micro irrigation (drip irrigation, micro spraying, seepage pipes, etc.) equipment and various geotechnical materials to meet the needs of the development of water-saving agriculture

packaging plastic. Focus on the development of various food, beverage, medicine and other packaging, in order to improve the protection function and prolong the service life of goods, such as high barrier packaging materials, hot filling packaging materials, fresh-keeping materials, mold and insect proof materials for grain storage and transportation

building plastics. Develop a series of standardized supporting pipes, pipe fittings and profiles (doors and windows) suitable for different regions and different building types, such as large-diameter water pipes, new indoor water pipes, hot water pipes, gas pipes, composite pipes and composite profiles, various thermal insulation materials, waterproof materials, wall decoration materials, etc

industrial and engineering plastic products. The main bodies that focus on the development of electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, transportation, post and telecommunications, office equipment, sports and fitness equipment, and the application of national defense industry can plant general-purpose plastics and engineering plastic accessories on the two columns at different positions vertically and horizontally during the initial alignment

among the above categories of products, I hope you can understand that the production of large categories of products such as pipes, profiles, calendered products, films, etc. will gradually develop in the direction of economic scale, which has laid a solid foundation for helping Chinese automobile enterprises break through the bottleneck of VOCs control technology

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