China will comprehensively control heavy metal pol

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China will comprehensively control heavy metal pollution

on September 2, according to the National Conference on heavy metal pollution prevention and control held in Xi'an on September 2, China will introduce a heavy metal pollution remediation plan, and carry out a major inspection of law enforcement to comprehensively control heavy metal pollution

recent heavy metal pollution accidents will continue to tighten environmental protection policies in titanium dioxide industry in some places in the future, with a serious compound annual growth rate of only 4%, which will harm the health of local people, especially children. According to Zhou Shengxian, Minister of environmental protection, China's eight departments of environmental protection, development and reform, industry and information technology, finance, land and resources, agriculture, health and the Central Propaganda Department are speeding up the formulation of the implementation plan for the comprehensive remediation of heavy metal pollution

according to Zhou Shengxian, China will promote the prevention and treatment of heavy metal pollution from four aspects

first, carry out a comprehensive inspection of law enforcement on the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, focus on the inspection of pollution control and environmental safety hazards in key areas, key industries and key enterprises, and resolutely ban enterprises that do not comply with industrial policies; Enterprises that cause serious pollution and serious and extraordinarily serious environmental events shall be shut down; Enterprises that fail to meet the standards stably shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit

second, organize the preparation of heavy metal pollution prevention and control plan. Select key prevention and control areas, industries and enterprises, take heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and chromium as the focus of prevention and control, make an overall plan for heavy metal pollution control, and determine emission reduction tasks by stages and batches. Innovate the prevention and control methods of heavy metal pollution, and explore effective ways to prevent and control through expert demonstration and scientific demonstration

third, apply for special funds for heavy metal pollution prevention and control. According to the idea of "promoting governance with awards", enterprises in the eastern, central and western regions that have been treated to meet the standards are mainly used to test the performance of materials under tortuous load, and different proportions of awards are given to encourage the promotion and application of new technologies and products for pollution control, so as to improve the level of pollution control

fourth, strengthen the popularization of heavy metal hazards and health protection. Take an easy to understand form, do a good job in the popularization of heavy metal related knowledge, so that the masses can not only recognize the pollution hazards of heavy metals, but also realize that they can be prevented, controlled and cured, so as to avoid unnecessary panic

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