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China will eventually become the world's largest hydropower power after a hundred years of agitation. On the morning of August 26, 2010, the National Energy Administration held a grand commemorative meeting of China's hydropower 100 years in Kunming, Yunnan Province. The main purpose of this meeting is to review and commemorate the glorious history of 100 years of hydropower development in China, summarize development achievements and experiences, analyze the new situation faced by development, clarify the tasks of hydropower development in the future, and promote the scientific and orderly development of hydropower. Many party and state leaders made important instructions, sent congratulatory letters and inscriptions to the Centennial commemoration of hydropower in China, and the old leaders and experts on the hydropower front sent warm messages

a total of 300 representatives from the financial and Economic Committee of the National People's Congress, the environmental and Resource Protection Committee of the National People's Congress, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of environmental protection and other relevant national institutions, as well as old leaders and experts of the hydropower industry and other relevant industry associations and some enterprises attended the commemorative meeting

On August 21, a hundred years ago, China's first hydropower station, shilongba hydropower station, was built with the funds raised by private capital in Yunnan Province. Construction began on Tanglang river at the exit of Dianchi Lake in the suburb of Kunming, creating a history of hydropower station construction by the Chinese themselves. After decades of construction and development, a number of large, medium and small hydropower stations have sprung up on the main streams and tributaries of large rivers. China's hydropower has gone through a glorious 100 years, with more than 45000 large, medium and small hydropower stations built, and the total installed capacity has exceeded 200million kW, ranking first in the world

In the past 100 years, China's hydropower industry has made remarkable achievements

first, the status of water resources was investigated. The theoretical reserves, technically exploitable installed capacity and economically exploitable installed capacity of hydraulic resources in the mainland were 690 million KW, 540 million KW and 402 million KW respectively

second, the scale of hydropower development continues to move towards a new level. In September, 2004, the total installed capacity of hydropower in China exceeded 100million kW, and reached 200million kW in 2010, becoming the largest hydropower country in the world. In about 10 years, we have nearly quadrupled the installed capacity of hydropower compared with the total of 50 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China

third, hydropower dam engineering technology has entered the international advanced level. So far, major key technologies including the technology of 200m ultra-high RCC gravity dam, 200m ultra-high concrete face rockfill dam, 300m ultra-high arch dam and 100m ultra-high RCC arch dam, dam foundation engineering technology, and energy dissipation technology innovation of high-speed flow have been comprehensively broken through

fourth, the localization level of hydropower equipment has been significantly improved. At present, China has built 32 units with a unit capacity of 500000 kW and above, 109 units under construction, and the total installed capacity under construction has reached 90.75 million KW, both of which rank among the top in the world

fifth, the construction of large hydropower stations has promoted the high-capacity, long-distance and high-voltage transmission technology to reach new heights. At present, the 1000 kV AC and 800 kV DC transmission demonstration projects that the country has started to build are progressing smoothly, which will play a positive role in realizing trans regional and trans basin transmission, hydro thermal power mutual economic mediation and regulation, and the optimal allocation of national energy resources

Sixth, hydropower development has brought huge comprehensive benefits to national economic and social development. While providing high-quality electricity for economic and social development, hydropower construction in China has played an important role in the comprehensive utilization of water resources, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, improving the atmospheric environment, promoting the western development, developing regional economy, building a new socialist countryside, as well as flood control, shipping, irrigation, water supply, aquaculture and other aspects

in the past 100 years, our main experience in promoting hydropower development is as follows: first, keep pace with the times, and hydropower development follows the development direction of the national energy strategy. The second is to promote reform, and hydropower development presents a diversified development pattern. Third, scientific planning has promoted the sustainable development of hydropower development. Fourth, we attach importance to environmental protection and immigration, and realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in hydropower development

Sixth, vigorously promote independent innovation in science and technology, promote technological progress of dam engineering and accelerate the localization process of unit equipment, and greatly improve the safety of hydropower construction and operation

in 2009, the Chinese government made a solemn commitment to the international community to strive for the proportion of non fossil energy in primary energy consumption to reach about 15% by 2020, the carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP to be 41% lower than that in 2005, and the installation of 0% - 45%. Hydropower is the most clear resource, the most mature technology, the cleanest and the most economical energy in China's renewable and non fossil energy. Over the past 100 years, China's cumulative hydropower generation has reached 7299 billion kwh, equivalent to replacing 2.7 billion tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 7 billion tons. With the increasing pressure on reducing carbon dioxide emissions in China, the role and effect of hydropower on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and developing a low-carbon economy will become increasingly apparent

at the new historical starting point of hydropower development, we should recognize the situation, not only see the historical opportunities faced by hydropower development, but also fully understand the severe challenges brought by the prominent problems of environmental protection and resettlement faced by the current hydropower development, unify our thinking, unite as one, conscientiously implement the national policies and regulations in ecological environmental protection, resettlement, cultivated land protection, the construction of a new socialist countryside, and take the initiative to undertake the social responsibility, We will strive to build hydropower development into an ecological project, a livelihood project, a civilization project, and a harmonious project to benefit human society and future generations

first, implement the scientific concept of development, promote the construction and maintain the harmony of social process with the harmony of hydropower. Combine hydropower development with comprehensive utilization of water resources, ecological engineering construction and regional economic development, ensure the sustainable development of China's economic construction and energy, and maintain the process of socialist harmonious society with hydropower harmony

second, implement the concept of building ecological civilization and build an ecological project for hydropower development. Follow the fundamental principle of protection in development and development in protection, truly combine hydropower development with comprehensive utilization of water resources, ecological engineering construction and regional economic development, and realize the comprehensive development of water resources in the basin

third, do a good job in resettlement and stability, and build a livelihood project for hydropower development. Continue to explore and innovate supporting policies for immigrants in the later stage, so as to better integrate hydropower construction with the interests of immigrants, so that the majority of immigrants consciously support and support hydropower construction, and strive to build livelihood projects for hydropower development

fourth, strengthen the publicity of hydropower public opinion, which also sends a clear signal for us - we need to find more reliable and environmentally friendly materials to replace hydropower development and create a good social environment. Dispel doubts and doubts for hydropower development, strive to improve the image of hydropower development in all sectors of society, and create a good public opinion environment and social environment for hydropower development

fifth, we should further promote the cascade development and unified dispatching of the river basin to realize the comprehensive benefits of hydropower development. Strive to realize the comprehensive and unified dispatching of cascade power stations that have been gradually replaced by aluminum forgings in major river basins across the country as soon as possible, so as to maximize the comprehensive economic and social benefits of river basin power stations and better serve the harmonious development of China's economy and society

Sixth, continuously improve the system and mechanism of hydropower construction and promote the sustainable and healthy development of hydropower construction. Establish and improve hydropower development laws and regulations, establish an approval system that meets the requirements of investment system reform and the reality of hydropower construction, strengthen the research on hydropower price formation mechanism and reasonable pricing mechanism, study and improve hydropower development related policies, and better combine hydropower development with poverty alleviation and prosperity of immigrants and local economic and social development, so that hydropower development can better drive the economy of one party and benefit the people of one party

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