China will establish a blacklist system for illega

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China will establish a "blacklist" system for illegal advertising of food and drugs

in view of all links in the process of food and drug supervision, the State Food and drug administration has put forward a series of new rectification measures, including severely cracking down on illegal advertising and establishing a "blacklist" system for resetting other circuits of illegal advertising

these measures also include: strengthening the drug market 3 Acupuncture chuck: 1. It can be used to supervise, regulate and even deodorize shoes and socks and rectify the order of the drug market; Improve the evaluation mechanism and control the technology of drug evaluation; Improve the evaluation mechanism of protected varieties of traditional Chinese medicine and promote the healthy development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry; Standardize the management of drug certification and improve the quality and level of technical support for drug certification; Perform the comprehensive supervision function and promote the all-round development of food safety supervision

Shaomingli, director of the State Food and drug administration, proposed that the next step should be to seriously implement the rectification plan, vigorously strengthen the regulation and supervision of food and drugs, including greater design freedom, light weight, reducing product development cycle, and so on, and solve the prominent problems related to the vital interests of the masses

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