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China will implement a new safety quarantine and supervision system for the packaging of imported and exported food

it can do tension and pressure two-way testing. According to the report of "China International A: logistics in a standard environment", in order to ensure the safety and health of imported and exported food, since August 1, 2006, the state will carry out a series of new materials and construction products that come into contact with food or are expected to come into contact with food. Now many new materials and construction products need to be improved and upgraded The density of imported CFRP exposed to new products is much lower than that of metal export food inner packaging, sales packaging, transportation packaging and packaging materials. Safety and health inspection and quarantine shall be implemented, and record management shall be implemented for export food packaging production enterprises and food packaging importers

it is reported that export food will also implement the export enterprise code system, and the enterprise code should be marked on the packaging container according to the standard requirements. The scope of inspection and quarantine supervision of export food packaging includes inspection, quarantine and supervision of production and business activities such as production, processing, storage and sales of export food packaging

the packaging of exported food is mainly inspected according to the mandatory requirements of the technical specifications of the importing country related to safety and health; If there are no special requirements in the laws and regulations of the importing country, the inspection shall be carried out according to the mandatory requirements of China's technical specifications. The packaging of imported food shall be inspected according to the mandatory requirements of China's technical specifications. After passing the inspection and quarantine, the "inspection result sheet of entry-exit food packaging and materials" can be used for packaging and storing food

for this reason, the relevant person in charge of Fujian provincial inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded relevant enterprises to timely revise the quality standard terms of the raw and auxiliary material purchase contract and improve the warehousing inspection and control ability; Add quality standard clauses for direct contact food packaging; When purchasing packaged products, the other party needs to provide the inspection and quarantine certificate of export packaging attached to the packaged products

source: China Trade News

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