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Hongdeli heavy industry launched the national tour exhibition of "city cheetah" Shenzhou trip

Hongdeli heavy industry launched the national tour exhibition of "city cheetah" Shenzhou trip

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Guide: on November 12, the first stop of the national tour exhibition of Hongdeli heavy industry of city cheetah Shenzhou trip was kicked off in Suzhou. In the luxurious conference hall of Suzhou yadu Hotel, there are more than 200 leaders at all levels from Suzhou Concrete Association and key customers such as commercial concrete, leasing, China Railway System in Jiangsu Province and surrounding areas

on November 12, the "city cheetah" China Tour - the first stop of the national tour of Hongdeli heavy industry kicked off in Suzhou. In the luxurious conference hall of Suzhou yadu Hotel, more than 200 guests from leaders at all levels from Suzhou Concrete Association, commercial concrete, leasing, China railway system and other key customers in Jiangsu Province and surrounding areas gathered together to witness the American style of Hongdeli heavy industry's "city cheetah" brand

Hongdeli heavy industry "city cheetah" is a well-known brand in the construction machinery industry. The successful holding of the first stop event made the first shot for Hongdeli heavy industry's tour exhibition, and Hongdeli heavy industry's differentiation strategy brand promotion was brilliantly interpreted

since the establishment of the enterprise, Hongdeli heavy industry has adhered to the road of differentiated development. In terms of R & D and design, Hongdeli heavy industry has been tirelessly aiming to meet the personalized needs of customers in different market segments, and has achieved good performance, especially in the railway market since 2006. It is reported that the success of the first stop in Suzhou will be a grand prelude to the national exhibition tour of Hongdeli heavy industry. After that, the exhibition tour will also be launched in cities across the country

From 1993 to 2009, Hongdeli has always adhered to the concept of "leading the world with good conduct", "being professional, refined and strong", and has been steadily going through 16 years with its unremitting pursuit of quality in accordance with the development strategy of "taking the road of brand and building a century of Hongdeli"

2009, despite the impact of the global financial crisis, under the national policy of 4trillion investment to stimulate domestic demand and infrastructure investment, Hongdeli's performance increased by 80% year-on-year from January to September 2009, showing a very gratifying trend. Hongdeli will continue to work with our customers to create a national brand and undertake more social responsibilities

the concrete equipment of Hongdeli heavy industry has been used in the key engineering projects of Jiangsu Province this year, such as Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, Shanghai Nanjing intercity railway, Suzhou light rail line 2, Taihu forum, Wuxi New Rural Construction and so on. The holding of the event further improved the cooperation between Hongdeli heavy industry and customers in Jiangsu Province, and also took this opportunity to thank customers and friends in various regions of Jiangsu Province for their support and love for Hongdeli for a long time. At the same time, this is also the actual action of Hongdeli heavy industry to go against the trend in 2009 and give back to our customers with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service

the main venue was full of surprises

at the launching ceremony, chairman Xu Peiliang, general manager of the marketing center Xu Jianhua, deputy general manager Su Cailiang, manager of Jiangsu Branch Zhu Huawei, deputy director of Suzhou Construction Bureau Gu Guohua and Secretary General of Suzhou Concrete Association Li kunmin jointly witnessed this exciting moment

the event was highly valued by the leaders of Hongdeli heavy industry. Mr. Xu Peiliang, chairman of Hongdeli heavy industry, made a special trip to the scene to deliver a passionate opening speech. In his speech, Mr. Xu Peiliang reviewed the rapid development of Hongdeli heavy industry, focusing on the achievements made by Hongdeli in recent years in terms of R & D strength, refined manufacturing capacity, sales and service system, financing strength, etc

"in 2010, Jiangsu Qidong new base will be completed and put into operation, and the annual output value of Hongdeli heavy industry will exceed 1billion yuan. At the same time, as the listing pace of Hongdeli heavy industry is approaching, we will go to a new level."

on behalf of Suzhou construction bureau and Suzhou Concrete Association, Mr. guguohua, deputy director of Suzhou construction bureau and Secretary General of Suzhou Concrete Association, thanked Hongdeli heavy industry for its great role in Suzhou Municipal Construction for a long time. At the same time, Mr. Gu Guohua, a shoe maker, analyzed the current demand of Suzhou concrete industry, and praised the good products and services provided by Hongdeli heavy industry, as an equipment supplier

Mr. xujianhua, general manager of Hongdeli heavy industry marketing center, made a report on "Hongdeli heavy industry differentiation strategy", focusing on introducing the essence of Hongdeli's "differentiation strategy", especially the "three national leaders" (that is, the first to use PLC control technology on concrete diesel pumps, the first to use high and low pressure instantaneous reversing devices on concrete towing pumps, and the first to use hydraulic outrigger devices on concrete towing pumps) The research and development of differentiated products and the explanation of market value, such as the domestic first on-board pump, the 22 meter pump truck specially built for high-speed railway and the 47 meter pump truck in the medium and long boom pump, have brought new audio-visual enjoyment to customers due to the innovative achievements of new materials and high-speed equipment in large-scale and comprehensive 3D metal printing and fullerenes

"the rapid development of Hongdeli is inseparable from the support of our customers. Hongdeli heavy industry will continue to develop products that truly meet the needs of the market with a professional and dedicated attitude, and truly contribute to the society and the country with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. This is the mission of every Hongdeli person!" Mr. Xu Jianhua's wonderful speech won bursts of applause from the customers at the venue

after the leaders at all levels spoke, customer representatives from Suzhou Anpai building materials Co., Ltd., Wuxi Guowen Concrete Co., Ltd., Wuxi Liangxing Concrete Co., Ltd. took the initiative to speak on the stage and shared their experience of using Hongdeli heavy industry products with the customers present

"thank Hongdeli for providing us with such good products and after-sales service. Hongdeli reassures us that we will choose to combine it for load calculation and loading in the near future." Customers sincerely expressed their wishes

in the whole venue, wonderful technical explanations and speeches made the event climax one after another, while the lottery link interspersed in this event, with the highest prize of 100000 yuan, surprised the whole event. In addition, this event also held a turnkey ceremony for customers who purchased our products on site

outdoor exhibition hall - the scenery here is unique

at the door of yadu Hotel, the scenery here is unique and particularly eye-catching

after understanding the technical highlights of new products and customer sharing, guests came to the outdoor exhibition hall for a visit. In the exhibition area of yadu Hotel, Hongdeli heavy industry's 22m pump truck, 37m pump truck, 47m pump truck, on-board pump and trailer pump, which were fully equipped, appeared on the stage. The products were placed neatly, and the stretched boom drove directly into the sky, with a magnificent momentum

through the detailed explanation of professionals and the on-site zero distance contact with customers' friends on Hongdeli concrete equipment, the majority of customers showed great interest in the reliable quality and high cost performance of Hongdeli heavy industry products, and many customers signed purchase agreements on site. Among them, 22 meter pump cars, 37 meter pump cars and 47 meter pump cars in the exhibition area were snapped up by customers

dinner - a feast of wine and preparation is wonderful

after visiting the products, Hongdeli heavy industry prepared a rich dinner, wonderful program performances and lottery activities to entertain the guests

Mr. Xu Jianhua, general manager of Hongdeli heavy industry marketing center, made a toast. Xu Peiliang, chairman of Hongdeli heavy industry, and the on-site customers toasted the banquet to a climax. "The success of Hongdeli benefits from your long-term support and understanding of our work, which gives us more motivation to work hard. We have reason to believe that with your strong support, Hongdeli's road will be wider and wider!"

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