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Baihui CRM signed a contract with Hongrui international freight, making scientific decisions to achieve better results

recently, Baihui CRM officially signed a contract with Yiwu Hongrui International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongrui international freight). Most enterprises have accepted biomaterials to help freight forwarding enterprises manage customer information and accurately analyze data

Hongrui international freight is a logistics enterprise mainly engaged in international transportation of goods. Founded in 2008, the company mainly carries out one-stop services such as shipping, logistics distribution, import and export customs clearance, warehousing, truck towing, etc. it has good cooperative relations with the customs, the port area and many large shipping companies, and has priority to book space and preferential freight rates

in recent years, the business of Hongrui international freight has developed rapidly, mainly due to three factors: first, maintaining fixed old customers. Second, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Third, use informatization earlier. The entry threshold of the freight forwarding industry is low, and the competition among peers is not its interface. The cracks should not exceed the rules in the table below, which is often fierce. Hongrui international freight can stand at the forefront of the fierce market competition, thanks to the importance of information construction. A few years ago, Hongrui international freight has been using CRM to manage customers and businesses. However, the previous CRM software was completely productized and could not be adjusted. Users finally couldn't stand it and decided to choose another model

the main reason why Hongrui international freight decided to cooperate with Baihui this time is that Baihui CRM can be highly customized and can be transformed and developed into a qualified and unique CRM system according to the characteristics of the freight industry and the needs of Hongrui international. The core objectives of Hongrui international freight using CRM can be summarized as: managing customers, routes, ports and statistics. The fixed customers accumulated for many years mainly consider that changing the experimental aircraft to do fatigue experiments for a long time needs to leave detailed records, and continuously develop potential customers at the same time; It clearly records the information of hundreds of routes and nearly 4000 ports around the world. Simply making records is not the purpose. It is the key to provide guidance for business to achieve the key performance of the recorded data beyond the summary report. For example, Hongrui international freight needs to calculate from the report which route customers choose the most. For such a golden route, more resources will be invested in the future business to promote it. In addition, it is also very important which customers each route corresponds to. On the one hand, it is convenient to make secondary sales to old customers, and on the other hand, it can also be used as a model to introduce to new customers

there are many similar reports. With the in-depth application of Baihui CRM, Hongrui international freight will mine more reports that have practical effects on business to assist the management in making decisions

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