Honglin machinery is becoming the main force in th

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Honglin machinery is becoming the main force in the development of Zhengzhou packaging machine industry

[China Packaging News] Chinese packaging experts pointed out that although packaging has become a common process in industrial production all over the country in 2011, the development of the packaging industry is excessively concentrated in a few regions, while other regions are scattered. Although centralized development is conducive to the improvement of the overall strength of the industry, through fermentation The separation and aggregation process is the most ideal development mode of the industry

nowadays, the local packaging enterprises represented by Honglin machinery are becoming the main force of the development of Zhengzhou packaging machine industry without any rotation angle

the development of China's packaging industry started late. At first, it completely relied on the import of foreign technology and complete sets of equipment. The eastern coastal areas were the first to contact this industry with the help of the east wind of reform and opening up, and continued to develop and expand with strong policies. Now, it has become the most mature and perfect area for the development of China's packaging industry, which started later than the inland areas of developed regions, Zhengzhou packaging machine industry has only begun to improve in recent years, and it cannot be compared with the above regions in terms of industry scale, number of enterprises and industrial supporting facilities. Honglin machinery was founded. 1. The power supply voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage (220V) of the tensile testing machine. It is reliably grounded. It initially aims at the local relatively developed cement and mining industry, and focuses on the packaging link of cement production. The cement packaging machine, dust collector and lifting and conveying equipment required for production and manufacturing have become one of the few in Zhengzhou that can be independently developed It is a modern packaging machinery enterprise integrating production, manufacturing and sales

since 2008, all industries across the country have experienced the most difficult period of weak market demand in the history, and the good development momentum of Zhengzhou packaging machine industry has also suffered a heavy blow. However, several local packaging enterprises with strong strength, mainly Honglin machinery, have rapidly adjusted their structures, and this year they are rejuvenated with new growth vitality

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