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Honghe Power Supply Bureau carried out normative inspection on the operation of public transformers

Pu Xiongwei, the correspondent of China Power News, reported that from October 8 to October 9, in order to master the actual operation of public transformers in Jinping power, according to the work deployment of middle note of Yunnan Province and the requirements of Honghe Power Supply Bureau for the supervision and inspection of work safety, Honghe local dispatching Bureau conducted a special inspection on the site operation standardization of equipment such as 0 kV transformer with external power supply for the control of 1 test sample power supply

according to the normative work requirements, Honghe local dispatching office went to the dispatching center of Jinping branch and Jinhe power supply station to check the work records and operation records involving the operation of the high-voltage side equipment of the 10kV public transformer in the past six months, compare the operation logs and operation instructions at the dispatching side, and check whether the on-site personnel operated the breaker, disconnector, fuse and other equipment at the high-voltage side of the 10kV public transformer without authorization

carefully sort out the problems found in the inspection process and formulate rectification measures. This inspection and exchange promoted the effective implementation of the specified actions by the on-site personnel of the low-carbon steel samples after fracture, and also laid a certain foundation for the future intensive scheduling work of Jinping branch

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