Hongchang has won many science and technology awar

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Hongchang has won a number of science and technology awards

it is reported that its research project "polyurethane furniture paint for large-scale automation machinery" won the third prize of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award in 2002; "5-in-1 elastic emulsion paint" can also help produce better and cheaper sports prosthetics, and "kaox oily defoamer" won the second and third prizes of Foshan Science and Technology Progress Award; "5 in 1 elastic emulsion paint" and "super sunny he Guoliang called rain paint" won the second and third prizes of Shunde District Science and technology progress award respectively. In addition, the company is applying for the 2003 Shunde District Science and technology plan project with its "new hybrid polyaddition polyisobutylamide

coating", "super stain resistant and highly elastic exterior wall functional coating" and "zero discharge of emulsion paint production wastewater"

the person in charge of the company said that they are committed to continuously researching and developing new products and projects with the goal of market demand and customer requirements. At the same time, with the goal of always pursuing product perfection and customer satisfaction, they strictly control the quality. Only 100% qualified products can leave the factory, be launched into the market and be delivered to customers

it is understood that Hongchang company has adhered to the classification technology innovation of Ke2 and material testing machine as the guidance for many years and has established close cooperative relations with many domestic colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, such as the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, formed a good cooperative network of production, learning and research associations, and has a number of internationally advanced hardware facilities and a corresponding scientific research team, It has laid a solid economic and technological foundation for the extended development of products produced by the engineering center

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