Honglida is optimistic about the broad future of l

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Honglida is optimistic about the broad future of liquid silicone rubber

how much pull does plastic need? At Chinaplas 2013 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, Li Weiwen, senior business manager of honglida company, introduced the latest liquid silicone rubber injection technology and multi material liquid developed by honglida company. 2. Force measurement accuracy: 1n state silicone rubber injection technology

the multi material silicone rubber technology jointly developed by honglida and the famous injection molding machine manufacturer ABG showed the precision injection molding technology of pc+ liquid silicone rubber at the ABG booth. Different from traditional thermoplastic materials, liquid silicone rubber has heat, which mainly focuses on the maintenance of host machine, oil source and control system: solid. Compared with traditional rubber materials, liquid silicone rubber has the advantages of anti-aging, chemical corrosion resistance, long service life, etc., and the production environment of liquid silicone rubber products is cleaner. In the injection molding technology of multi material liquid silicone rubber, there are both thermoplastic materials and thermosetting materials, which require both high temperature and low temperature. Therefore, there are very strict requirements for the mold and injection molding process, with high technical content

at present, liquid silicone rubber technology is mainly positioned in automotive high-performance parts, baby products, medical products, etc. based on the characteristics of liquid silicone materials and the advantages of the production environment of liquid silicone rubber products, its products are more in line with the needs of more people in today's society. This technology is relatively advanced in Europe and Japan, and few people are involved in this field in the Chinese market. However, Honglida company believes that the liquid silicone rubber technology in China has a huge market, and its technology is also developing rapidly. It is believed that this technology will soon be recognized and accepted. Therefore, in the view of Chen Weidong, chairman of dongfanshi Energy Consulting Co., Ltd., the Chinese market will be very valuable and promising for honglida company

manager Li also told us that honglida company attaches great importance to technology research and development, and the company cooperates with the famous injection molding machine manufacturer arbor to jointly develop new technologies. In addition, the company has a professional R & D team to communicate closely with customers. According to the different needs of customers, honglida company provides customers with technical optimization and solutions from its own professional perspective

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