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Hon Hai has comprehensively deepened the layout of the display industry in combination with external experience.

the construction of the sixth generation low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPs) plant of Guichao optoelectronics under Hon Hai has recently been started, with an investment of 30billion yuan (about NT $150billion), which is the first city of Hon Hai in the layout of high-level panels and other consumables. The industry believes that Hon Hai is trying to combine Japanese technology, mainland production capacity and Taiwan's manufacturing experience to comprehensively develop a complete conceptual display industry layout using different materials

Guichao optoelectronics, with a capital of 300million yuan, is located in Guiyang National High tech Industrial Development Zone. The two major shareholders are Shenzhen shenchao Optoelectronics (holding 26% shares) and Guiyang municipal government funds (holding 74% shares). The legal representative, chairman and general manager of Guichao optoelectronics are Dai Zhengwu, vice president of Hon Hai group

the industry believes that Hon Hai transferred the legal person director of its panel factory qunchuang in September to Dai Zhengwu, but if the quality is poor, Dai Zhengwu is known as "Japan connect" by the outside world, which is a window for dialogue between Hon Hai group and sharp. As Dai holds the important position of Hon Hai Group in Panel Companies in mainland China, Taiwan and Japan, it is revealed that Hon Hai Group is actively integrating the storage of various resins in Taiwan, Japan and China The technology and manufacturing energy of conditioning and pumping devices

Guichao plans to invest 30billion yuan to build a six generation LTPS plant, which is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of 2017. The design capacity is 40000 glass substrates, and the leading period is 20000 glass substrates, mainly producing 5. 2、5。 5-inch and 6-inch high-level smart panels

at present, Hon Hai Group is very active in LTPS layout. In addition to Guichao optoelectronics, Hon Hai Zhengzhou's sixth generation LTPS plant has also started construction in November, and it is planned to have a trial production by the end of 2017. As for the six generation LTPS factory located in Kaohsiung road bamboo park, mass production is under way and is scheduled for the first quarter of next year

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