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Huawei zhengyelai: innovation · Pratt & Whitney, technology enabled industrial intelligence upgrading

on November 11, China International High Tech fair 2020 was held in Shenzhen. Zheng Yelai, chairman of Huawei Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd. and President of Huawei cloud business, delivered a keynote speech at the Opening Forum on innovation and Pratt & Whitney, technology enabling industrial intelligence upgrading. Jinan experimental machine factory specializes in producing various experimental machines: electronic universal experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, spring experimental machine, sharing the practice of Huawei cloud in various industries and cities, and how Huawei cloud Pratt & Whitney AI concept goes deep into the industry production system, 90 degree stripping realizes intelligent upgrading through technology enabled industries

Zheng Yelai proposed that technological innovation is the main theme, and the future manufacturing industry will be a global high-quality competition. Making full use of AI technology to improve the production process is an inevitable choice for enterprises. Only by actively embracing change and upgrading digitalization and intelligence through the application of innovative technologies such as cloud and AI can enterprises accumulate strength for the future

we hope to bring AI into more scenarios in the future, and build smart cities with cloud as the base and AI as the core. Huawei cloud and Shenzhen continue to deepen cooperation to help Shenzhen build a national model city of digital economy based on Pengcheng agent

the following are the main points of Zheng Yelai's speech

this year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and Shenzhen has always adhered to the road of innovation. From the perspective of Huawei's own development history, we have also been adhering to technological innovation, growing from a small company to a leading provider of ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminals in the world

technological innovation is the theme of the times. The innovative technologies represented by cloud, AI and 5g are playing an increasingly important role in the digital economy. The unprecedented convergence of connectivity, computing, cloud, AI and application innovation has helped the industrial intelligence upgrade into the fast lane of development

intelligent upgrading will bring three value reconstructions to enterprises: user experience improvement, efficiency and cost optimization, and product and business model innovation. Using innovative technology is the key to realize the upgrading of industrial intelligence and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

in 2017, Huawei officially released its cloud brand and strategically invested in cloud business

in 2018, we first proposed inclusive AI, so that AI can be used affordable, well used and at ease. After three years of rapid development, Huawei cloud has deployed in 23 geographical regions around the world, launched 210+ cloud services and 210+ solutions to serve global customers, and successfully delivered more than 600 AI projects in more than 10 industries

the future manufacturing industry must be a global high-quality competition, and it is an inevitable choice for enterprises to make full use of AI technology to improve the production process

Huawei cloud EI has carried out some exploration and practice in various industries and cities

ai enters the industry and accelerates the upgrading of industrial intelligence:

Huawei cloud and Xinlei group have built an intelligent coal blending model, which effectively improves the accuracy, efficiency and stability of coal blending. It is estimated that this system can save 15 yuan/ton of coking cost and 27million yuan per year for Xinlei. And the three strategic goals of innovating high molecular materials, which have the widest variety of 3D printing consumables and rank first in the production and marketing of China's industry. If you zoom in to the entire coking industry in China, assuming that 10 yuan per ton is saved, it will also bring an annual cost savings of 6billion yuan to the entire industry

ai enters medicine and helps build a healthy China:

Huawei cloud has established a joint team with several professors and doctors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, central China University of science and technology and Xi'an Jiaotong University. With the help of Huawei cloud shengteng cluster service and modelarts, it evaluates the binding of drugs to all target proteins of novel coronavirus, finds that five drugs may be effective against novel coronavirus, and publishes the results of virtual screening to the world

ai enters the meteorology, accurate short-term and impending weather forecast:

Huawei cloud cooperates with Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau to create a super city accurate forecast service, which can accurately predict the weather changes within 4 hours, so that urban residents and relevant departments can understand the precise changes of the weather in a radius of one kilometer at any time and place, and reasonably arrange and adjust the response plan

in addition to being widely used in industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, meteorology and other fields, Huawei cloud hopes to bring AI into more scenarios in the future and build a smart city that promotes industry, benefits the people and gives preferential policies. Smart cities should be built with cloud as the base, AI as the core and industrialization, realize the vertical integration of resources downward, provide services and capabilities to different industries upward, and avoid the formation of isolated islands and repeated construction

in response to the local deployment, operation and data security needs of some governments and enterprises, we have also specially created the Huawei cloud stack, the ability of public cloud, localized deployment, from resource mixing to capability integration, matching the organizational structure and business processes of government and enterprises, and realizing a cloud from the Perspective of users

Shenzhen has always been in the forefront of smart city construction. It has built a world-class top-level architecture of a full scene smart city, Pengcheng intelligent agent, focusing on building smart applications for good governance, benefiting the people and promoting industry, and has achieved outstanding results

in terms of preferential policies, Huawei helped the Shenzhen municipal government management service command center get through 42 Commission and office business systems, more than 100 types of data, and built the city's 1+10+n integrated command system

in terms of benefiting the people, Huawei cloud cooperates with Shenzhen traffic police to reduce the urban congestion index by 8% by using solutions such as Knowledge Computing; Cooperate with Shenzhen airport to realize the optimization of parking space resources based on big data and AI, so that 2.6 million passengers no longer need to take the shuttle bus every year

in terms of industrial development, based on the second batch business of Huawei cloud, 220 items in the fields of enterprise investment project filing, talent introduction and so on are approved in seconds

in the future, Huawei cloud will continue to deepen cooperation with Shenzhen to achieve more smart application scenarios and build a national model city of digital economy

advantages can't stop the trend. Life on the cloud will always become the new normal in the era of digital economy. The demand for digitalization, intellectualization and intellectualization in all walks of life will become more and more urgent. Only by actively embracing change and accelerating digital transformation and intelligent upgrading can enterprises accumulate strength for the future

Huawei cloud will work hand in hand with customers, partners and all sectors of the industry to win new opportunities for intelligence

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