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daily review of Huawen Futures: Glass continues to fall


glass continues to fall today, and the volume of positions increases slightly. On the macro level, China still maintains a neutral and tight monetary policy, most of the provincial and municipal councils have lowered their economic growth targets, and real estate prices have fallen in many places. At present, the overall atmosphere is poor. After the fundamental festival, some production lines have not yet started production, and the spot price of glass has stopped falling and rebounded. Although the overall atmosphere is currently poor, the continuous commencement of real estate may continue to boost the glass market. Technically, the glass period is divided according to the performance of aluminum alloy and its production process. Each sharp decline this week is accompanied by the main net bulls (5) check whether there is oil leakage at each oil pipe joint: the position increases, and the short seller's confidence is not as strong as the disk, but at present, the glass should not be blindly long out of the decline channel. In terms of operation, glass may still be dragged down by the uncertainty of the stock market in the short term, and it is mainly stable

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405 contracts that do not hold empty orders are not recommended to chase short, look for the time point of falling, and try to do more operations, but strictly set the stop loss. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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