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Huawei Yan Lida: create a digital world base and create a new era of intelligence

on November 13, the 21st China International High Tech fair was held in Shenzhen. Yan Lida, director of Huawei and President of BG, delivered a keynote speech "building the base of the digital world and creating a new era of intelligence" at the main forum of new era, new technology and new economy, explaining Huawei's insight into the digital economy and the latest concept of smart city construction, as well as how to help Shenzhen build a global smart city model with a fertile digital platform

the following is the full text of Yan Lida's keynote speech

Hello, guests! It is a great honor to have this opportunity to share the topic of digital economy with you

in the next 10 years, the digital economy is the biggest trend and opportunity in the world

in 2018, the Oxford Institute of economics and Huawei jointly conducted a cooperative research on the digital economy, analyzing the historical data of the past 15 years and the economic forecasts for the future of 79 countries or regions around the world. The study found that the growth rate of digital economy is 2.5 times that of global GDP, and the long-term return on investment of digital technology is 6.7 times that of non digital technology

ict investment has an obvious pulling effect on the economy and has become the core driving force of economic development. In the next 10 years, digital economy will be the main engine of global economic growth

Digital Economy: take informatization as the production factor, reconstruct the mode of economic development and government governance

so, what is digital economy? Digital economy is a new economic form with digital knowledge and information as the key production factors, digital technology innovation as the core driving force, through the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, constantly improve the digitalization and intelligence level of traditional industries, and reconstruct the mode of economic development and government governance

digital economy includes three parts:

to avoid damage

first, the industrialization of digital technology, that is, the information and communication industry, including basic network, electronic information manufacturing, telecommunications operations, software and information technology services, Internet industry, etc

second, the digitalization of industry, that is, the application of digital technology to improve the production, management, service and marketing efficiency of traditional industries, that is, the digital transformation of industry, agriculture and service industry, which we often say

the third is digital governance, that is, improve the governance system and improve the comprehensive governance ability through information technology, including urban operation, urban management, urban services, etc

industrial digitalization is the main position of digital economy. Among the three, industrial digitalization occupies an absolutely dominant position and is the main position of digital economy. According to the statistical data of the white paper on the development and employment of China's digital economy (2019) released by the China Academy of communications and communications, the scale of China's industrial digitalization in 2018 was 24.88 trillion yuan, accounting for 27.6% of GDP. The contribution of industrial digitalization to the growth of digital economy is as high as 86.4%

three elements of industrial digital upgrading to achieve industrial digital upgrading, we need to do three aspects of work:

first, the digitization of production factors, that is, through information means, the digitization of all production factors of the industry, including data collection, transmission, processing, application, etc

second, digitalization of production process, that is, digitalization of production process based on Digitalization of production factors, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce production safety hazards

third, product digitalization, including digital processing of the whole product life cycle and digital marketing of products

the new infrastructure of informatization is the cornerstone of the development of digital economy

it can be said that we have entered the era of digital economy, which is also called the era of intelligence. Every economic era in history is accompanied by new infrastructure construction. In the era of industrial economy, railways, highways, airports and electric power are important infrastructure. The past 30 years have witnessed the great development of informatization in the era of China's information economy. China has built the world's largest information and communication network, mobile broadband network and other infrastructure

in the era of digital economy, we believe that cloud, IOT, data lake, artificial intelligence and video cloud will become the five new infrastructures, which are the cornerstone of the development of digital economy

data fusion and governance are the guarantee for the healthy development of the digital economy

the development of the digital economy is not a one-off promotion. Data fusion and governance are facing great challenges. At present, most of the data are fragmented data with different standards, which makes it difficult for these data to play their due value. In 2017, China proposed to take data centralization and sharing as the way to promote technology integration, business integration and data integration, and to achieve cross level, cross regional, cross system, cross department and cross business collaborative management and services

using new technology to mine data oil is the key to release the dividends of digital economy

as we all know, in the era of digital economy, data is the most important factor of production and the oil of digital economy. How to mine, refine and process data oil has become a topic of common concern in the industry

new technologies represented by cloud computing, IOT, big data, artificial intelligence, 5g, blockchain, etc. are important tools for data oil exploration and refining. Governments of all countries are actively trying to promote the application of new technologies, improve the supply quality of public goods, improve the efficiency of social governance, and boost the potential of economic development, so as to release the dividends of the development of digital economy

Huawei builds the base of the digital world with three pillars

in this exciting era of digital economy and intelligence, Huawei's vision and mission is to bring the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, and build an intelligent world with interconnected things

to realize the vision requires down-to-earth action. Huawei has established three pillars to build its core competitiveness and build the base of the digital world in three strategic directions: connectivity, intelligence and digital platform

first, the perception of everything. 2. Injection molding equipment: the interconnection of everything is the foundation of the foundation. 5g, wifi6, optical fiber communication, microwave and IOT will become a bridge between the physical world and the digital twin world

in order to realize the access, integration and governance of multi-source data, Huawei has built a digital platform based on cloud and integrated many new technologies, including IOT, big data, video, integrated communication, GIS and so on. You can understand that this is an integrated platform for the exploitation, refining and processing of data oil. On this platform, various new technologies can be flexibly deployed through componentization, so as to reduce the threshold for the use of new technologies and the difficulty of integration, and maximize the value of technology

the value of digital platforms is not only that. The basic feature of the platform we built is openness, downward access to various terminals and data sources, and upward enabling various applications. We provide an easy-to-use development environment and rich development components for third-party developers, making developers work more efficiently and innovate faster. In order to reflect the openness of Huawei's digital platform, we named it fertile land digital platform. Our goal is to build a flourishing ecosystem based on Huawei's fertile digital platform and help the prosperity and development of the digital economy

the value of artificial intelligence has been widely recognized, but the threshold of using artificial intelligence is very high. Computational power, algorithm and data are the three foundations of artificial intelligence, and each threshold is very high

Huawei started with chips, launched AI chips shengteng 910 and shengteng 310, deployed a full stack and full scene AI training and reasoning service platform on Huawei cloud, and combined with pre integrated solutions deeply integrated with various industries, provided users with abundant and economic computing resources, realized universal AI, which was accessible and affordable to everyone, made intelligence accessible, and injected AI vitality into all walks of life

create a new era of intelligence and make the digital economy an important tool of a big country

here, I propose that we create a new era of intelligence and make the digital economy an important tool of the country. That is, the converter of new and old kinetic energy, the regulator of industrial structure, the accelerator of function optimization, the processor of scientific decision-making, the improver of public services, and the stabilizer of talent employment

digital Shenzhen: take the digital economy as the starting point to promote the construction of pilot demonstration areas

Shenzhen is China's first special economic zone and a pilot demonstration area for building socialism with Chinese characteristics. In exploring the development of digital economy, Shenzhen has been in the forefront of the world. Next, I want to share a few cases about Shenzhen and interpret the changes that digital economy has brought to urban development

I understand that Shenzhen, as a leading demonstration area, has two meanings. Leading means encouraging exploration and innovation in many fields and taking the lead; Demonstration means precipitation experience, which can be used for reference and replication in other regions

Huawei is rooted in Shenzhen and cooperates with its ecological partners to support the government in promoting the construction of pilot demonstration areas based on the digital economy. Here, we first built a new information infrastructure, and through the digital platform, we got through the data of Shenzhen municipal level and all districts, committees and offices, and realized the data fusion and sharing. On this basis, Huawei, together with many ecological partners, provided rich business application solutions in the fields of government services, education, medical treatment, transportation, water affairs, customs and so on. It has supported Shenzhen to build a business environment with leading public services and competitive industrial development, and helped Shenzhen develop with high quality

the Shenzhen municipal government has built an urban intelligent operation center (IOC), opened up the business systems of 42 commissions and offices, more than 100 types of data, more than 170000 channels of video, and built a 1+12+n integrated command system in Shenzhen

Shenzhen IOC is a smart city center that can see, use and think. It is the urban operation monitoring center, leadership decision support center, urban command and dispatching center and event distribution and disposal center

Shenzhen Metro carries more than 5 million commuters every day, and 16 lines and 284 km lines are under construction simultaneously. How can we ensure the construction safety and operation while building much faster? Huawei and Shenzhen Metro set up a joint innovation center. Based on 5g, AI, video, big data and other technologies, around the subway production, operation, operation and maintenance, management scenarios, Huawei has developed smart operation and maintenance, smart construction sites, smart vehicles and other solutions, which has achieved remote monitoring, risk early warning, reduced the occurrence of safety accidents, released data value, and led the innovation of the subway industry

today, we are honored to participate in the great era of digital economy development. We are willing to work together to create a brilliant new era of intelligence! That's all for my sharing. Thank you

Huawei smart city solutions have been widely used in government, education, transportation, medical treatment, basic energy and other fields, helping more than 40 countries and 200 cities around the world build smart cities. In 2019 alone, Huawei has participated in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Lanzhou New Area, Hunan Yiyang, etc. 2. Maximum dynamic experimental force: 2Kn; Dynamic Volatility: no more than 0.5% more than 80 smart city projects

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