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Huawei zhangshunmao: Rise thousands of miles, calculate the future

on the morning of November 14, the 21st China International High Tech fair was held in Shenzhen. Zhangshunmao, senior vice president of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and CTO of cloud AI products and services, delivered a wonderful keynote speech entitled "rising thousands of miles, computing the future" at the emerging technology theme forum that changed the world, and elaborated Huawei's insight into the future development trend of the AI industry, as well as how Huawei can provide sufficient and diverse computing power for the world through computing architecture innovation, and how to build independent innovation, vitality Industrial ecology of symbiosis and common prosperity

five trends of AI industry development

Zhang shunmao first introduced three cases of AI application in real scenes, and then led to Huawei's thinking on the future development trend of AI industry. He believes that there will be five major trends in the future development of AI

trend 1: AI will surpass tools and support systems, become a basic productivity, and change the production mode of all walks of life

trend 2: the size of computing power will determine the size of productivity

trend 3: intelligent computing will be everywhere, and end-to-end cloud isomorphism will become inevitable

trend 4: AI will become an extension of human brain power, help human beings break through the limitations of space, time and appearance, help human beings better understand the world and change the world

trend 5: security and privacy protection will become one of the biggest challenges in AI development

with its independently innovative computing architecture, Huawei will provide the world with sufficient and diverse computing power

Zhang shunmao said that in the face of these changes in the AI industry, Huawei will continue to innovate in computing architecture and engineering implementation to provide the world with diverse and sufficient computing power. Let cloud be everywhere and intelligence be everywhere

Huawei will build a heterogeneous computing architecture around the two basic chip series built by Kunpeng and shengteng. In the field of intelligent computing, it provides diverse computing power with Kunpeng + shengteng as the core, facing the end, edge and cloud

in his speech, Zhang shunmao introduced that Huawei released atlas 900, the world's fastest AI training cluster, at Huawei's all connect Conference (hc2019) in September this year. This is the fastest AI training cluster in the world at present, consisting of thousands of shengteng 910 processors. In the resnet-50 test, it ranks first in the world with 59.8 seconds, and is 15% faster than the second with the same accuracy

so far, Huawei has completed the construction of full stack and full scene AI solutions: including atlas 300 and Atlas 800 training products; AI unified training and reasoning framework mindspire; One stop AI development platforms modelarts and hilens, etc

before that, the Ministry of science and technology of China announced at the 2019 world AI conference that Huawei was responsible for building a new generation of AI open innovation platform in the country with basic software and hardware. Based on this, all walks of life and scientific research institutions can focus on their own industry knowledge and research fields, so as to help all walks of life and scientific research institutions to build their own AI applications and systems, and accelerate the implementation of inclusive AI

create a credible and safe AI to promote the healthy development of the AI industry

Zhang shunmao said that Huawei has also been building a credible and safe AI to promote the healthy development of the AI industry. First of all, Huawei attaches great importance to the governance of AI security and privacy protection. It has formulated seven governance goals, namely, the security and controllability of the system, transparency and traceability, privacy protection, fairness, data management, competency and deployment purpose guarantee, and has carried out a lot of practice based on this. At the same time, AI products and applications involve a wide range of ecosystems and market participants. It is difficult for any party to deal with complex AI security and privacy threats and risks alone, and all parties need to work together

based on this, in September this year, Huawei released the white paper "think ahead: AI security and privacy protection", which expounds Huawei's thinking and Practice on AI security and privacy issues and solutions, and puts forward the governance sharing model of AI security and privacy protection. We hope to work with all parties to jointly solve the security and privacy protection problems faced by the development of AI

based on Kunpeng and shengteng, build an industrial ecosystem with independent innovation, vitality and symbiosis and common prosperity

the development of AI industry cannot be separated from the support of ecosystem. Zhang shunmao said that Huawei has always attached great importance to the construction of teknor apex announced recently. In 2015, Huawei first released the fertile soil plan. In the past four years, it has made very smooth progress, and has developed more than 1.3 million developers and more than 14000 ISVs. In September this year, Huawei released the fertile soil plan 2.0, which specifically includes:

Product Upgrade: focus on building an open-source and open computing industry ecosystem based on Kunpeng + shengteng computing processors

empowerment upgrade: create a 360 degree all-round empowerment system

alliance upgrading: promote the construction of industrial standards, norms, demonstration sites and technical certification system, and jointly make a big cake

community upgrading: build application ecology by industry and industrial ecology by region

incentive upgrade: every developer can get Kunpeng and shengteng computing power

it is reported that in the next five years, Huawei will invest US $1.5 billion to develop 5million developers around the world to develop the impact of heat treatment system on the microstructure and properties of GH2132 alloy, and effectively implement the fertile soil plan 2.0

as part of the fertile soil plan 2.0, Huawei will also be able to conduct virtual testing of the proposed concept in 2020. In February, a developer oriented conference hdc2020 (Huawei Developer Conference 2020) will be added in Shenzhen

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