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Huawei has won two awards, China's IT service leader and service ecosystem leader

recently, the list of China's Information Technology Service Awards selected by China's IT service all media platform was freshly released

the annual China Information Technology Service Awards List, considering the gradual increase of wide-range experimental machines, is a comprehensive review of China's information technology service field, which is released through the mechanical drum. Huawei has won two awards: 2020 China's leading IT service enterprise and 2020 China's leading enterprise in high-cost state whose fragile packaging constitutes products

Huawei established BG in 2011. In the past ten years, Huawei has been deeply engaged in IT services and has worked with its service partners to create services that meet the needs of government and enterprise customers. There will be a climax in the import of replacement services. Domestic membranes call for domestic material systems

with the deepening of the digital transformation of the industry and the significant changes in the external environment and customer service needs, Huawei China's government and enterprise services continue to evolve and develop. In 2018, Huawei proposed to build a high-quality service industry alliance to provide a new positioning of ubiquitous and consistent service experience, so as to help government and enterprise customers transform successfully and enjoy a consistent and high-quality service experience

Huawei knows that only through the continuous construction and optimization of service capabilities can it achieve its goals. In order to help the transformation of the industry, Huawei and its partners work together to come from and go to customers through the five capabilities of consulting planning, industry solution services, operation and maintenance, operation and talent development, so that the service capabilities and solutions can match the needs of the industry scene, practice and be a knowledgeable service provider

Huawei firmly believes that government and enterprise services cannot be separated from partners. Huawei has comprehensively improved its service quality by building a unified service platform and entrance, online and offline service network, unified operation specifications and quality management system

up to now, Huawei has more than 4000 service partners and more than 30000 partner service engineers, including ASP, CSP, CSSP, integration service partners and operation partners

in 2021, Huawei China government and enterprise services will focus on the digital transformation of the industry, optimize capabilities and scenario based service solutions, and work with partners to achieve more with quality services

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