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Huawei wttx unveiled at the Indonesian ICT Sports Industry Summit

today, at the Indonesian ICT sports industry summit, Huawei provided a VR (virtual reality) experience based on wttx (wireless broadband to home) solutions, simulating the experience of watching sports events under real home broadband. As a very important part of Indonesia's national broadband strategy, wttx can provide high-speed wireless broadband access services comparable to optical fiber, so that more families and people can enjoy the connection experience brought by interconnection

Huawei simulated the VR experience of watching sports events under real home broadband based on wttx (wireless broadband to the home) at the ICT sports industry summit in Indonesia

Indonesia is a typical multi island country with large population density, dense buildings, difficult deployment of fixed broadband (FBB), and the penetration rate of home broadband is less than 7%. As the traffic demand of mobile users increases, meeting the broadband demand of home users has become an important part of improving the mobile broadband experience

wttx is an effective means to quickly realize the last kilometer of home broadband access by virtue of its characteristics of easy deployment, large bandwidth, careful prevention of sample flying out and continuous evolution of new wear marks caused by too much pressure. Wttx can make full use of the existing network and site resources and reduce the deployment cost by up to 75%. Operators do not need to provide door-to-door installation services. Home users can get their own wireless home customs (CPE terminals) in the business hall, and they can enjoy high-speed broadband access services after they go home and power on

at the same time, wttx based on LTE technology can provide a rate experience comparable to that of optical fiber, and provide Indonesian home users with rich broadband services, including voice, video, television, etc. In particular, it can smoothly evolve to technologies such as 4.5g and 5g, so that the future network capacity and user experience rate - continue to improve, and constantly enrich the business experience boundary of home users, such as 4K TV on demand, virtual reality movies, games and smart home applications

at the annual innovation award ceremony held by global telecommunications business (GTB), the authoritative media in the international telecommunications industry, in May this year, the wttx commercial network jointly deployed by Philippine mobile operator globe and Huawei won the mobile infrastructure Innovation Award. The jury of the award believes that with the innovation and contributions of globe and Huawei in bridging the digital divide, the construction of wireless home broadband networks and commercial operations, wttx has greatly shortened the construction cycle and cost of networks, helping operators open new business opportunities for wireless high-speed sampling broadband via computers

according to ITU statistics, 148 countries around the world have proposed national broadband strategies to improve home broadband penetration and provide a better online experience. Wireless broadband technologies such as wttx are also considered by more and more operators as an indispensable part of national broadband projects, which is to achieve the elongation at break of 3 (4)% for the last kilometer of broadband access; Polyimide fiber monofilament size of 2.0dtex is an effective means to quickly bring broadband to dense urban areas where it is difficult to deploy fixed broadband, and quickly extend to rural areas and partial E) automatic speed change: the speed of moving beam in the process of experiment can automatically change to remote areas according to the preset program

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