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Huawei's new flagship ascend P7 made a shocking debut

on May 7, 2014, Maison de la mutualit, an ancient century old building on the left bank of the Seine River in Paris, the international fashion capital of Paris, ushered in a lively day. Under the joint witness of more than 500 media and guests from more than 40 countries, Huawei promoted the transformation and upgrading of its traditional industries to officially launch the annual heaviest flagship ascend P7, The newly launched Huawei ascend P7 follows the elegant temperament of P6, and carries out a new design from the outside to the inside. The exquisite technology and humanistic design are perfectly combined. The combination of metal and glass materials, through metal wire drawing treatment and glass 7-layer coating treatment, has created a high texture exquisite technology, showing the beauty of science, technology and fashion, and has become a new wind indicator for the sample meter after condition conditioning in Jinan experimental machine factory

Huawei ascend P7 supports Cat4 LTE networks, is equipped with a 5-inch 1080p Full HD screen, and has an ultra-thin body of 6.5mm. The p7 is equipped with 13million Sony's latest flagship back illuminated imx214 lens and an independent ISP (image processor) at the SLR camera level. It has the exposure and focusing separation function unique to professional cameras, and the photosensitive performance and noise reduction ability are significantly improved, making Huawei ascend P7 have a strong low light shooting performance and 1.2 second extremely fast capture and other excellent photography experience, which can fully meet the needs of night photography and fast photography; In terms of other configurations, the built-in integrated 2500mah battery supports super power saving mode, and can still stand by for more than 24 hours when only 10% of the power is left

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei consumer BG, said at the press conference that the boutique strategy Huawei has adhered to over the past three years has gradually achieved results. Huawei's smart market share has entered the top three in the world, and its brand awareness has increased significantly in key regions such as China and Western Europe. Today, we released ascend P7, which once again challenges the industry benchmark and redefines intelligence in terms of design, photo experience and connectivity, so as to provide unprecedented use experience for consumers who pursue excellent experience

Yves maitre, executive vice president of orange, a world-renowned operator, said that orange was delighted to witness the growth of Huawei's products and brands. Today, Huawei released ascend P7, which is the best product of the same grade of smart machines, which shows that Huawei's boutique strategy and long-term accumulation have achieved results. As a long-term partner, orange is happy to launch Huawei's new flagship ascend P7, which will bring a new user experience to thousands of users

6.5mm ultra-thin body: showing the ultimate beauty of fashion

Huawei ascend P7 design is inspired by the famous Mobius ring, showing the beauty of infinite circulation of the integration of eastern and Western cultures, making it emit a quiet and harmonious natural beauty. The double-C internal and external integration design is adopted, and the thickness of the body is only 6.5mm, giving the ultra-thin fashion charm

compared with other intelligences, Huawei ascend P7's four corner design is more groundbreaking innovation. At present, the four corner designs of intelligence in the industry are mostly straight square guide angle designs, while Huawei ascend P7 adopts an arc curve design to simulate the natural radian of water drops dripping downward, which is integrated into the bottom design of P7, so that the whole shows a pure natural flavor. At the same time, this water drop bottom can also bring a more comfortable grip

metal body + double-layer glass structure: redefine excellent technology

Huawei ascend P7 is using metal body design, and the unique metal wire drawing process makes Huawei ascend P7 have an unforgettable special texture

for this reason, Huawei ascend P7 completely subverts the previous back cover design. It adopts Corning's third-generation gorilla glass back cover. After being polished by the 7-layer process of excellence, the vision is more transparent and three-dimensional, making it a unique perfect back in the industry. Compared with other traditional back cover processes, ascend P7 designs a unique spiral pattern, which integrates the multi-level, connotative and unspeakable sense of quality of high-end clocks and watches, so that consumers can see the halo and faint lines from any angle. At the same time, the metal texture of the body is more obvious, thus creating a rich and unique visual beauty

super dark light photography + panoramic selfie, etc.: redefine the photography experience

Huawei ascend P7 optimizes photography in all directions. The rear camera adopts the latest 13million Sony back illuminated imx214 sensor lens, and is equipped with an independent ISP (image processor) of SLR camera level. It has the exposure and focusing separation function that professional cameras only have, and has stronger photosensitive performance. At the same time, it can reduce noise without losing color and details. It supports manual adjustment of sensitivity to the large aperture of ISO 800 and f2.0. This combination enables Huawei ascend P7 to have the strongest low light shooting ability in the industry, and can also take high-quality photos in extremely weak light. For example, when you watch a concert, you can easily shoot the stage scene. Friends can also shoot clearly when they have a party in a bar or KTV, so that you won't miss the important moments of entertainment and reunion. It can be called a party photography artifact. The p7 front-end 8million camera adopts the extremely rare five-layer aspheric optical lens and blue glass technology in the industry, which greatly improves the clarity of the captured pictures, avoids the common camera shooting problems such as the purple edge effect of the photos and the deformation of objects, makes the panoramic self shooting effects such as taking photos by multiple people and in front of the scenery better, and makes the shooting more interesting

on the basis of hardware optimization, ascend P7 is equipped with Huawei's original and patented smart image professional image processing engine 2.0, which is deeply optimized in camera shooting algorithm. For example, when shooting scenes with bright light sources such as starlight and neon lights at night, ascend P7 can intelligently judge the shooting scene, adaptively change some control parameters to reduce exposure, so as to prevent the imported sensor adopted by the light from overflowing the source of the world's famous sensor manufacturer American Quanli sensor, and shoot a more transparent and clear picture. At the same time, Huawei ascend P7 also has new optimization and improvement in panoramic shooting, audio photos, watermark photos and other shooting experiences. For example, considering the need for sexual capture in emergency situations, ascend P7 has designed a 1.2 second fast capture function. When the screen is blank or locked, quickly double-click the volume down button to grasp the best capture time

support Cat4 LTE Network + extreme power saving mode, etc.: redefine the connection

Huawei ascend P7 supports Cat4 LTE network. As we all know, 4G network has the problems of connection stability and power consumption at the same time of high speed. With its deep precipitation in 4G communication technology, Huawei has the advantage of end-to-end technology from network side to terminal side, can adapt and adjust specific network parameters, and has made breakthrough optimization in connectivity, This ensures the high-speed connection experience of Huawei ascend P7 users. Ascend P7 adopts a dual antenna design with both main antenna and diversity antenna, which makes it more capable of signal reception and transmission in LTE network environment. The main antenna adopts Huawei's original patented technology, which solves the influence of the user holding the metal body, and the signal optimization is better. In addition, the intelligent selection technology of Huawei ascend P7 can ensure that users are always in the best connection state. In several rounds of rigorous tests, the antenna signal capability of ascend P7 has been highly recognized by European customers such as Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone, making Huawei ascend P7 one of the 4gs with extremely powerful connection functions in the market

Huawei ascend P7 has a built-in 2500mah lithium polymer battery, which reaches the maximum battery capacity in the extremely compact body. Coupled with Huawei's patented intelligent power-saving technology, light users can use it for more than two days, and heavy users can use it for one day. In terms of power management, Huawei ascend P7 adds one key power saving and comprehensive power consumption detection management to monitor the operation of background applications at any time and choose to close them. If all background applications are turned off, the 10 hour standby measured by ascend P7 consumes less than 5% of the power. It is particularly worth mentioning that Huawei ascend P7 also adds a limit power saving mode for users. When the power is remaining 10%, it will revert to the function machine mode, only retaining the SMS function, and can stand by for more than 24 hours

in addition, Huawei ascend P7 has developed a series of interesting accessories. For example, it is perfectly matched with Huawei smart bracelet, which can monitor sleep quality, manage sports and fitness data, have anti-theft management, remote photography and other functions, and can even bind keys and apps through the bracelet to help quickly retrieve keys hidden in corners. At the same time, Huawei ascend P7 also has various exquisite accessories to choose from, such as various color protective cases, flip smart protective cases, etc

the demand for participating conduits in Huawei's heavyweight flagship ascend market has increased significantly. P7 has set off a new trend in intelligence, with three colors of black, white and pink, and a global price of 449 euros. It will be first listed in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and more than 30 countries and regions in May, and will be listed in other markets. In the Chinese market, Huawei ascend P7 will launch three major standard versions of mobile, Unicom and Telecom, and plans to open pre-sale simultaneously at Huawei mall,, tmall Huawei flagship stores, Suning Tesco, Gome, store 1 and Amazon at 10:00 a.m. on May 8

about Huawei's consumer business

by the end of 2013, Huawei's products and services covered more than 170 countries and served one third of the global population. Its global intelligent shipments in 2013 ranked third. It has set up 16 R & D centers in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China, and applied for more than 1000 invention patents in China, the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions every year. Consumer business is one of Huawei's three major businesses, with products covering mobile broadband terminals, home terminals and terminal cloud. Based on the profound precipitation of Huawei's communication industry for more than 20 years, with its global network advantages, global operation capabilities and global partners, Huawei's consumer business is committed to bringing the latest technology to consumers, so that more people around the world can enjoy the joy of technological progress, and realize their dreams by practicing their words

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