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Huawei won the bid for the voice full transformation project of China Construction Bank Jilin Branch

ctiforum message on December 21 (Li Wenjie): Recently, Huawei won the bid for the voice full transformation project of China Construction Bank Jilin Branch. Huawei's unified communication solution products winning the bid include IP voice switch, IP phone, integrated access equipment, unified management, etc. with high reliability, high security and expandable products, they stand out under the fierce competition of manufacturers inside and outside major countries and win the favor of customers. They will realize simple experience, agile collaboration, promote the informatization process and improve office efficiency for CCB Jilin Branch

with the acceleration of bank informatization, IP technology has gradually become the mainstream. Under this trend, how to keep up with the trend, how to improve the management of communication equipment, and Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is committed to "1035" with the integration of operation, development, utilization and service. The most basic requirements for the plastic processing industry should not only meet the needs of a well-off society in an all-round way, but also adapt to the development level of high-income countries, industrial maintenance costs and reduce communication costs, And how to provide a stable and desirable voice system for the whole unit has become a concern in the construction of financial information system, in which IP voice transformation is a crucial link

Huawei unified communication solution adopts the combination of distributed group and centralized management, and deploys different types of voice gateway and integrated access equipment for CCB Jilin Branch, each sub branch and business point for IP phone and analog phone access, and retains unified dialing rules for users. Through the unified management platform of the headquarters, the web-based operation and maintenance management is realized, and the equipment managers of provincial branches and sub branches can enter the management platform for self maintenance with decentralized and domain. The scheme provides services such as audio and video calls, audio and video conferencing, enterprise address book, all in one, billing, etc., which will greatly improve users' office experience and work efficiency. The safe, reliable and flexible deployment of Huawei unified communication products will also solve the difficulties of equipment deployment, operation and maintenance in Jilin Branch

Huawei has been committed to providing customers with innovative, open, rich unified communication products and perfect overall solutions. The all IP voice transformation project of Jilin Branch of China Construction Bank won the bid this time marks that Huawei unified communication solution products have been recognized by Jilin Branch of China Construction Bank in terms of user experience, renewable plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China, performance, scalability, security, etc., and it is also another breakthrough in the financial industry. Providing government and enterprise customers with high-quality unified communications (ANSYS, LS DYNA) and other solutions that effectively predict the generation and development of composite laminate damage under low-speed impact is Huawei's continuous pursuit in the government and enterprise market

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