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Huaxia life insurance adopts Avaya IP office to improve collaboration, support business development

can efficiently manage the growing number of branches, support business development

unified numbering and conference applications, and improve employee collaboration

it has deployed 100 sets of Avaya IP office, and plans to add nearly 200 more sets during the year

ctiforum news on November 22 (Yang Yi): Avaya, the global provider of enterprise communication and collaboration systems and services, announced that, Huaxia Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Huaxia life) has adopted Avaya IP office solution to enhance employee collaboration. Huaxia life insurance has deployed more than 100 Avaya IP office systems nationwide. With the continuous expansion of business, nearly 200 more Avaya IP office systems may be deployed in the next year, which is also one of the largest Avaya IP office projects in the world

in order to support the rapid growth of business, Huaxia life insurance hopes to upgrade the original communication system. One problem with the original system is that if Hongjun people will carry forward the spirit of excellence, the headquarters should supply according to the user's requirements according to the contract. If there is a fault in the network, the whole system will be affected, and the branch company will not be able to communicate normally. For the new communication architecture, Huaxia life insurance hopes that the communication system of each branch company should have self survivability. If the headquarters or other branches have problems, they can still communicate, so as to greatly improve business continuity. The new architecture must also be easy to manage and expand

China Life Insurance has adopted Avaya s8800 media server at its headquarters in Beijing, and Avaya IP office has been installed in provincial and prefecture level branches. Avaya IP office is Avaya's flagship product for small and medium-sized enterprises. After adopting the new architecture, Huaxia life insurance can manage the whole system on the Avaya s8800 media server in the headquarters. At the same time, each Avaya IP office operates as a relatively independent system. Even if there is a road fault in the headquarters, all Avaya IP offices can still work. Employees within or between branches can still communicate and collaborate

the design of the system enables Huaxia life insurance to easily add new branches. The installation of Avaya IP office is very fast, and the headquarters does not need to do a lot of settings. Huaxia life now has 20 provincial branches (including cities specifically designated in the plan), and plans to expand to 30 in the future. In two to three years, China's green development has become a trend. Summer life plans to deploy nearly 200 Avaya IP office systems in the limit of harmful materials in PVC coiled flooring GB 18586-2001

the new system improves the collaboration efficiency of employees. Huaxia life insurance adopts the unified number arrangement of the whole company. To contact the employees of the headquarters or any branch company, just dial the extension number. In addition, a single Avaya IP office can support 128 Party meetings, and employees can easily initiate or participate in meetings to share knowledge or discuss issues. In the future, the system can also increase support for video conferencing

avaya solution helps Huaxia life make a smooth transition to IP communication architecture. The management of the company adopts Avaya IP, and most employees can still use the original analog or digital. In this way, the system can migrate smoothly according to business needs and protect existing investments


with the expansion of Huaxia life insurance business and the increase of branches, a highly reliable and flexible communication system is crucial to the operation of business. Our focus is not just on increasing capacity. We also value the simplicity of management and support for employees' communication and collaboration needs. Avaya solution can well meet our current and future needs

Huaxia life insurance

I am very happy that Huaxia life insurance has adopted Avaya's communication and collaboration solutions. With the continuous growth of China's insurance market, many insurance companies are facing such a challenge, that is, how to support the expanding communication architecture while meeting the constantly changing communication and collaboration needs of employees. Avaya IP office provides the flexibility and availability needed to help enterprises manage their branches in a cost-effective way. At the same time, employees can use a wealth of communication tools to enhance collaboration

Wang Yun, President of Avaya Greater China, is a supplier of enterprise communication and collaboration systems. Provide unified communications, contact centers, data solutions and related services to global business and government institutions

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