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Huawei: Yingtan smart government construction makes "do it as soon as you come" not a dream

Yingtan takes the national pilot project of information benefiting the people and the national pilot project of smart city as an opportunity, closely adheres to the themes of innovation, entrepreneurship, wisdom and benefiting the people, solidly promotes a number of key application demonstrations such as smart Yingtan cloud computing center, public information platform and office hall, strengthens the construction of information infrastructure, and promotes the interconnection of information resources, Drive the agglomeration and development of smart industries. At present, the supporting role of the city's information infrastructure is increasingly apparent, the development momentum of Internet + Yingtan is good, and the construction of a new smart city is advancing steadily

relying on the infrastructure provided by Huawei, smart Yingtan has built a government affairs cloud platform and public information platform, and built an office hall and government services to make information more beneficial, beneficial and convenient to the people

construction background

Yingtan City is not only a national smart city pilot city, but also a pilot city of the national information benefiting the people project. Since 2014, Yingtan City has focused on urban governance, convenient services and industrial upgrading, and guided by the integration of public information resources, leveraging the social investment and consumption of characteristic information services, constantly improving the city's informatization level, and accelerating its comprehensive transformation to an Internet + information society, Remarkable phased results have been achieved

Yingtan's planning and objectives in smart city construction: first, improve the security system and infrastructure, and build a smart city public information platform; Then focus on building smart applications such as strengthening government, benefiting the people and promoting industry. By 2017, it is planned to build a number of mature smart application systems, form a certain scale of smart industry, significantly improve the intelligent level of urban construction and management, significantly enhance the role of informatization in promoting social undertakings, and become a model of smart construction in small and medium-sized cities in China

challenges faced

1 Integrating information islands and standardizing the data sharing environment

for the problem of information islands between different departments, how to realize data sharing and business collaboration at the city level is the focus of users. The most basic link is to build a unified cloud data center and public information platform in Yingtan and standardize the data sharing environment

2. There is an urgent need for intensive transformation to expand the field of serving the people's livelihood

how to make a number truly serve the people, and how to make the achievements of smart city informatization intensively transform into practical benefits are the focus of users' attention. The key is to open up all links in the field of people's livelihood, especially government services, medical care, social security, employment, education, pension and other areas that people are most concerned about

3. There is an urgent need to optimize applications and improve people's satisfaction

there is an urgent need to solve the practical problems of entering multiple doors, finding multiple people, and traveling multiple times when people deal with related matters daily, so as to greatly improve citizens' satisfaction with the convenience and safety of government services, travel, medical treatment, handling affairs, pension and other fields

main construction contents

1 Smart Yingtan Cloud Computing Center

at present, Yingtan cloud computing center has been basically completed. Relying on the smart Yingtan government cloud, it provides cloud computing services for the information systems operated by Party and government organs outside government affairs. At present, 37 information systems in health, finance, audit, land, forestry, agriculture, water conservancy, education and other fields have been integrated into the computer room of the cloud computing center; Yingtan e-government integrated office platform, public resource trading system, government information disclosure platform, Yingtan people's government station group and more than 10 business systems are running smoothly in the smart Yingtan government cloud

2. Smart Yingtan public information platform

relying on Yingtan government cloud platform, the public information platform is currently progressing smoothly. On the one hand, it has completed the construction of information resource directory system, data sharing and exchange system and information security management platform, realized the information interconnection and data sharing of all departments in the city, and provided platform support for cross level, cross system, cross network and cross platform business collaboration; On the other hand, integrate all kinds of convenient service resources in the city, upgrade and transform, and encourage more businesses to join the "green action plan" to join the approval system and e-government unified monitoring platform, so as to build Yingtan public service platform

3. Realize the upper office hall and government service

relying on the urban public information platform, sort out 400 government service items, including 360 administrative authority items, 40 convenient service items, and 1282 administrative punishment items, and all of them are included in Yingtan upper office hall, government service and other online services to provide citizens with fast and high-quality services such as appointment, one window acceptance, joint examination and approval, one order payment, and limited time settlement, It has effectively solved the problem that the masses go through multiple doors, find multiple people, and travel multiple times

construction effect

1 With the support of the public information platform, the one-stop citizen service center accepts an average of more than 1300 approval items and public service items per month, with immediate projects accounting for 80% of the total business volume; On the basis of the public platform, the upper office hall integrates the Ministry of public security, industry and commerce, civil affairs, human resources and social security, family planning, health and other ministries. At present, China is more emphasis on the information of cutting and attacking the heart gate. The backstage is connected with the approval, electronic supervision, resource sharing services and other systems. The first batch of 30 units with more than 400 service items are successfully stationed, providing one-stop government services for citizens

2. Online and offline people benefiting services

relying on the urban public information platform, provide convenience services to municipal and county administrative service centers, as well as all 44 Township convenience service centers and 495 villages (communities). The government services in the upper office hall reach the grass-roots level directly, and the citizens will be able to get a completely accurate plug-in force. The windows of the experimental service center have achieved 100% of the service extension, network extension and window extension of towns and villages (communities) in the city, and initially achieved the nearby handling and city wide handling, basically forming a 15 minute convenience service circle

3. Improve the efficiency of government work

e-government comprehensive office platform to build a collaborative office system covering the party and government organs at the city, county and township levels. Up to now, the city's party and government organs have issued 624 documents, signed 11192 documents and processed 33715 documents through the municipal office platform, greatly improving work efficiency and saving work funds

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