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The application and development trend of wireless products in Kunlun Coast

with the rapid development of science and technology, mankind has entered the information age. As the most important and basic technology of information acquisition, sensor technology has also been greatly developed. Now, sensor information acquisition technology has gradually developed from the past simplification to integration, miniaturization and networking, which makes the application of sensor products more and more widely, especially in the industrial field, a variety of sensors are everywhere, and they have become an indispensable part of industrial automation system

although in the industrial automation system, the installation of parts before the fatigue test of parts should be carried out in the position control mode, and the sensor products have been widely used, in some special industrial sites, the traditional sensor products have become inadequate. For example, most of the information on oil exploitation and the oil Internet is transmitted in HTML format, natural gas transmission, urban water supply, etc. these sites are either field operations or unattended, and they all need sensors with simple installation, high acquisition accuracy, low power consumption, stable operation and easy maintenance. Among them, installation and maintenance issues are the top priority. Wireless sensors respond to these issues. As the name suggests, wireless sensor refers to the sensor that does not need signal line and power line, which solves many problems such as on-site installation and wiring, and builds an industrial chain service platform

Jyb-kb-cw1000 wireless pressure sensor is entering the sensor market with its advanced design concept, advanced wireless technology and good product quality, and has become a new favorite in industrial automation system. Jyb-kb-cw1000 wireless pressure sensor is a high-precision intelligent instrument with LCD display, wireless signal transmission and menu setting functions. Its main application fields are for the occasions where the field or supporting power supply environment is inconvenient. There is no need for wiring, which saves the trouble of construction, such as pressure monitoring in places such as oil transportation, steam transmission, water supply, heating and other energy transmission pipelines, and realizes wireless transmission of sensor signals through wireless server module inquiry at the remote end. 128*64 resolution large dot matrix liquid crystal high-precision display of field data, and according to the extremely low power consumption design, using lithium battery power supply can meet the needs of the equipment in the field for 3 years. Metal shell, fully sealed and explosion-proof design, ensuring all-weather worry free operation

jyb-kb-cw1000 wireless pressure sensor

product features:

wireless communication, distance 200 meters

can set the central frequency band to 433MHz, 868mhz, 915MHz

a variety of working modes, ultra-low power consumption

standard ordinary dry battery, normal operation can be used for more than 1 year

(optional high-capacity lithium battery, normal operation can be used for more than 3 years)

128 * 64 resolution dot matrix LCD, full screen 4 lines of Chinese characters display

tree type menu, Multi function key help interface, humanized design

battery low power indication

fully sealed, explosion-proof design

full range temperature compensation

built in high-precision real-time clock, Scheduled task management

related technical parameters:

● power supply mode: 1.5V dry battery (factory standard configuration 4, capacity 2ah)

optional 3.6V lithium battery (factory standard configuration 2, capacity 19ah)

● range: 0~3.5mpa

● ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~50 ℃

● system accuracy: ± 0.25%

● average power consumption: 2mw

● window size: 54mm*45mm(128*64 points)

● parameter setting: Key + menu

● communication interface: wireless nRF905

● shell size: d: 100mm, h:60mm

● process interface: M20 x 1.5

● explosion proof grade: exiaibt4

● power monitoring: under power indication function

schematic diagram of application case:

for the application of wireless technology in industry, it is gradually developing to the high frequency band, 433MHz and 868mhz are now used, 915MHz products in these frequency bands are also gradually upgraded to high-frequency band 2.4GHz. The wireless communication technology protocol used is mainly: for the wireless short-range that can be used in the field device layer, the mainstream protocol used is IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee); For short-range wireless communication with large data capacity, it is ieee802.15.3; For wireless local area networks that adapt to large transmission coverage and large amount of information transmission, IEEE802.11 series is adopted. Among them, the protocol used in wireless sensor networks is mainly IEEE802.15.4, which is gradually known as "ZigBee"

wireless sensor networks based on ZigBee protocol have the following characteristics:

1) low power consumption: due to short working cycle, low power consumption of sending and receiving information, and adopting sleep mode

2) high reliability of data transmission: collision avoidance mechanism is adopted, and special time slots are reserved for communication services requiring fixed bandwidth, so as to avoid competition and conflict when sending data

3) large network capacity: a Zigbee network can accommodate up to 65536 slave devices and a master device, and up to 100 ZigBee networks can exist in a region at the same time

4) small delay: optimized for delay sensitive applications, the communication delay and the delay of sleep state activation are very short. The typical value of device search delay is 30ms, the typical value of sleep activation delay is 15ms, and the channel access delay of active devices is 15ms

5) and rigid polyurethane foam has excellent thermal insulation performance and compatibility: it is seamlessly integrated with existing control network standards. The network is automatically established by the network coordinator, and the channel access is carried out by csma-ca. For reliable delivery, a full handshake protocol is provided

6) security: ZigBee provides data integrity check and authentication functions. The encryption algorithm adopts AES-128. At the same time, each application can flexibly determine its security attributes

In a word, with the development of science and technology, wireless network will become the inevitable trend of industrial automation. Now end users and system integrators are showing more and more interest in wireless sensor network technology, and wireless sensors based on ZigBee protocol and the network will eventually write a new chapter in the industrial automation industry

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