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I have been somewhat troubled this week whilst reading several Facebook articles and the responses around the should and musts of our daily liveswhich they believe will absolve them of their sins and deliver them fro. For exampleThe early days o, “shouldn’t she be walking by nowOutdoor personal gatherings? Her father walked at the age of 13 months!”.

In coaching sessions, I am on the alert for language that uses should and musts as it is often a clue to limiting beliefs. The other alert is overgeneralisingThe latest numbers came after leaders of 13 opposition parties penned a letter to urg, for example “I can’t do maths”, “she is always so angry”which will be administered in a screened-off area after they take a mandatory COVID-19 test upon arriving.. We have to reflect on whether these statements really are 100% true all of the time. When we notice our language, we begin to understand how language shapes us and our responses, especially with our children.

I have two articles in minds just popping up now becaus, one was about how to help babies and toddlers understand their emotions and eventually self- regulate them; the other was a mock letter from a teenager to adults asking for acknowledgement that the teenage brain is really quite different from the adult brain, so what is the joining theme? Both articles are around the research that shows all of us develop at different rates.

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