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Feng Shui is a factor that we can't ignore when we decorate the house, because how the feng shui of decoration is directly related to the feng shui of the house in the future, which will have an impact on our future fortune, the health of our family and the development of our career and wealth. Therefore, we must not ignore the feng shui of house decoration; So in Feng Shui, what should we pay attention to before housing decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

What analysis should we pay attention to in Feng Shui before housing decoration

first, Feng Shui layout should reasonably arrange the auspicious and inauspicious directions in the home

the layout of many houses is not very reasonable, and auspicious positions are often wasted, which makes Geely's aura of wealth, officials, longevity, happiness and so on unable to play a full role, which is worth mentioning. However, the problem is that the master bedroom and living room, which are most closely related to the fate of the family, are designed in the position of great evil, making the unlucky aura of lonely stars, sad stars, five ghost stars and so on become the main melody of home feng shui, which is a big mistake

in this case, it is easy to have an adverse impact on all aspects of the family's fortunes, and the most serious may even cause family illness, injury, family disintegration and other tragedies

this requires feng shui masters to conduct on-the-spot investigation, rearrange their homes, make rational use of auspicious positions and avoid ominous positions; And according to the analysis of the eight characters of the residents' birthday, determine the most suitable room for everyone to live in, so that Feng Shui can become a bonus for the residents' good luck

second, use decorative means to dissolve the evil spirit of Feng Shui

Feng Shui taboos commonly seen in home feng shui, such as beam coping and hall brake, can be adjusted during decoration according to the suggestions of feng shui masters

1. Hall brake

hall ghost refers to the entrance door and window (or balcony) are transparent in front and back, there is no barrier in the middle, and the air flow directly passes through the hall. There is a special saying: " Before and after, people and money are empty& quot;, Not only do not gather money, but also because of the wind blowing through the hall, it is easy to get sick

solution: on the one hand, use screens or porches to separate, on the other hand, use professional chemical evil things to resolve

2. Beam capping

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1 1234 next page modern buildings often have more beams on the roof because of the need of structure. If the beam is located on the bed, sofa, coffee table, dining table and desk, it is easy to increase the long-term pressure of the residents, and it is difficult to reach the goal

during decoration, the following methods can be adopted: if the floor is high, false ceiling can be used, which is the method of shielding in geomancy. Or wrap the beam to form a circle or arch, which is called "e in Feng Shui; Chemical method "e

third, choose decorative colors and materials according to the fate of the owner, improve the owner's fortune, and enhance the resistance to bad feng shui

the unity of heaven and man, let Feng Shui serve people, this is the highest level of service that feng shui masters can provide to customers. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the material and color of home decorations will have a great impact on the fate of residents

therefore, when looking at Feng Shui during decoration, feng shui masters will combine the five elements loved by the fate of the residents, choose the most suitable decorative materials, and allocate the most suitable home colors, which can help the owner prosper and dissolve adverse information

IV. place various professional evil mascots to dissolve the evil spirit

the mascot of professional evil spirit is based on the principle of the book of changes, involving professional theories such as five elements, three talents, nine stars, eight trigrams, etc., which is highly professional and targeted

therefore, the location, time, orientation and other aspects of the mascots are very particular, and they cannot be placed at will. Otherwise, it will not only fail to turn evil spirits into evil spirits, but may also bring about counter effects. These require feng shui masters to put forward reasonable suggestions and purchase the most appropriate mascots according to the specific situation of home feng shui, so as to truly play the role of transforming evil spirits and warding off evil spirits

what should we pay attention to before residential decoration

decoration Feng Shui precautions: living room

1 Because in the home living environment, the ceiling of the living room is the so-called “ Days ”, Therefore, the ceiling design of the living room needs our attention. In the design of the ceiling of the living room, it is very taboo “ Mouth ” Word ceiling modeling. Because “ Mouth ” There are “ People ”, It is “ Prisoner ” Word, meaning that someone in the family will go to prison

2. On the east side of the living room is the wealth position of the family, which is determined by the so-called position. Therefore, if you don't want to disturb the God of wealth, it's best not to design the film and television wall on the east side of the living room. We can choose other directions of the living room for design

decoration Feng Shui precautions: bedroom

a total of 4 pages, page 1 1234, page 1 In the geomantic decoration of houses with 80 square meters, the bedroom bed should not be opposite to the dressing mirror. Therefore, when we design the interior of the bedroom, we should reasonably arrange the position of the bed and the vanity mirror to avoid the relative situation between the two

2. Presumably, the master bedroom of many friends' homes has an independent bathroom. When designing such a bedroom, we need to avoid the opposite situation between the bedroom bed and the bathroom door. On the one hand, the bed in the bedroom and the door in the bathroom are relatively taboos of Feng Shui. On the other hand, the humidity in the bathroom will also affect the health of residents. Designing a curtain outside the bathroom door can effectively resolve such Feng Shui taboos

decoration Feng Shui precautions: bathroom

1. In home decoration Feng Shui, it is considered that the bathroom is a very Yin space. Therefore, in order to alleviate the cold smell in the bathroom, we should try to avoid using too many cold colors when decorating the bathroom, and choose some warm colors to alleviate the cold smell in the bathroom

2. The entrance door is the place to attract money, so “ See the toilet at home ” The situation is that our home feng shui taboo, the bathroom and the door collide, easy to prevent the God of wealth from entering the door. What are the solutions to this problem? We can design a porch at the entrance to isolate the bathroom from the entrance

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if you want to live in a good feng shui environment, you must pay attention to Feng Shui and avoid violating Feng Shui taboos, because once you violate Feng Shui taboos, the best Feng Shui Aura will be affected, and our fortunes and health will also be affected, so we all need to know about these Feng Shui taboos. Then in Feng Shui Xu Er Zhong, Do you know the Feng Shui taboo of family living? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

do you know the 22 taboos of Feng Shui in family living

1. See the kitchen and toilet before you enter the door

all rooms must see the living room when you enter the door. In modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of space, you often see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom first when you enter the door. This is the taboo of Yangzhai, which is also unreasonable. If you live in it, your family's luck will decline

2. Door to door

bedroom door cannot be directly opposite the door, otherwise it is easy to induce residents to indulge in lust. Especially for those who choose the wedding room, this is very important

3. The living room is in the middle of the house. In general houses, if the living room or living room is located in the middle of the whole house, it is an auspicious sign, which can make the family prosperous

4. Irregular houses cannot be used as kitchens

if irregular houses are used as kitchens, bacteria are easy to breed, which will affect the health of family members. Irregular houses can only be used as storage rooms. This is safe ~

5. The top of the beam will affect the mood and health

the beam should not be pressed above the head of the bed, desk and dining table. It is unavoidable to design the ceiling, otherwise it will affect the mood and health of the residents and hinder their career. But now houses basically have to do ceiling, which is applicable to old houses or non-standard houses

6. Irregular rooms should not be used as bedrooms

irregular rooms should not be used as the master bedroom of couples, otherwise it will lead to the consequences of long-term marriage and infertility. In fact, when we choose houses, we all say that the houses should be square, which is to avoid the impact of this kind of angular and irregular houses on the fortunes. When you choose a house, you must pay attention to it. It is very important to have a square house

7. It is difficult to sleep by pressing the mirror beside the bed

in addition to the fact that the bed cannot be directly facing the big mirror, if there are large dressing glasses on both sides of the bed, people will sleep uneasily, resulting in insomnia, dreams, etc. The position of the bed is very important. Another thing is that the head of the bed is not right for the door, which will affect your health and be easy to get sick

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