The new concept of home decoration of the post-80s

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The post-80s generation is now becoming the backbone of all walks of life and releasing huge consumption energy. Pursuing fashion and not sticking to tradition are their main characteristics in various consumption fields such as clothing, food, housing and transportation. In the decoration building materials market, with the post-80s generation entering the peak period of getting married and having children, their consumption preferences and ideas have also become the focus of attention of building materials merchants. The post-80s generation is innovative in decoration, advocating sensibility over rationality and pursuing self decoration personality

◆ personalize my site I decide

compared with their parents' generation, the post-80s young people have higher requirements for personalization. They pay attention to the sense of belonging brought by space, the reasonable division of space, the design and culture of kitchen and bathroom, and so on. Especially for new, strange and special building materials products and the latest decoration style, this part of the customer group is more interested

however, this personalization of the post-80s generation is not like the popular ceiling and shaped wall a few years ago, but through avant-garde household products and personalized late accessories. It is reported that at present, the proportion of post-80s young people investing in late accessories and early decoration has reached 1:1, or even higher. Take the walls that were not valued in the past as an example, the conservative white has long been abandoned by young people, and the moderate colors such as light green, light blue and light yellow are no longer popular. The thicker and bolder bright red, bright yellow, dark blue and even black have appeared in the homes of the post-80s generation. In terms of materials, in addition to the most commonly used latex paint, diatom mud, wall base cloth, liquid wallpaper, texture paint, art paint, hand-painted paint and other new products emerge in endlessly. In the bathroom, toilets and bathtubs are no longer traditional shapes, and various strange shapes such as square and oval are no longer fresh. They are not only personalized in appearance, but also more in line with ergonomic principles. On the floor of the room, in addition to the traditional wood floor and composite floor, some avant-garde young people chose the epoxy resin self leveling floor originally used in the factory

◆ miniaturization, practicality and environmental protection are the most important

accompanied by the national 90· With the implementation of the new deal, the current real estate market has reached 70% of the total supply of houses with an area of less than 90 square meters. The post-80s young people have short working hours and limited savings, and most of the new houses they buy are small apartments. Therefore, when choosing building materials, they also tend to choose products that are more suitable for small house types

it is understood that many manufacturers have launched building materials products suitable for small houses. For example, the specification of wall tiles has been reduced to 20 cm; The length of the toilet is shortened from 70 cm to 65 cm; Cabinet, the depth of the table is shortened from 60 cm to 40 cm. In addition, the combination furniture with one specialty and many functions, the constantly growing wardrobe, various styles of sliding doors, light color flooring and wall coating have also become popular in the market. In addition, the consciousness of saving water, electricity, energy and materials is also calculated by the smart post-80s abacus. Saving is not simple, nor does it mean running counter to the comfortable lifestyle. Nowadays, more and more energy-saving products take into account scientific design and beautiful appearance, energy saving and comfort, which have become the first choice for energy-saving post-80s family decoration

◆ finished products are easy and labor-saving, and the effect is good.

the young people after 80 emphasize simplicity and practicality when decorating their new houses, and pay more attention to environmental protection, post service, etc. Traditional home decoration, doors, furniture, cabinets, etc. are handmade by decoration workers on site, which is neither beautiful nor guaranteed in quality. Such decoration process has long been abandoned by the post-80s generation, and finished household products are becoming more and more popular among young people. In addition, as the attention of current social consumption, the post-80s generation should welcome and enjoy the new fashions in the decoration market, such as decoration trusteeship, with a more open mind

at present, many building materials brand manufacturers have launched the concept of integrated home. It is reported that various types of integrated household products have no finalized styles. Owners can design ever-changing styles according to their preferences and the pattern of the house. Cabinets, wooden doors, cloakrooms, bathroom cabinets, furniture and other household building materials products can be customized in the factory and then transported to the site for installation. The overall style of decoration effect is unified, and the stability of product technology and quality is guaranteed

Mr. Wang, a young post-80s man who works in a large bank and is currently decorating his new house, said: his parents also suggested that the decoration team should make doors, cabinets and furniture by itself, but I considered that although it saves money, it involves too much energy, and the process is certainly not as good as that customized by the factory. Therefore, the decoration of my new house is the simplest water and electricity transformation and wall treatment. All other building materials products are purchased, and an integrated household brand is selected, which has a very good effect




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