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Xiaolan printing and packaging industry takes the road of scientific and technological innovation

this year is the first year of the 11th five year plan. Facing fierce competition, where will Xiaolan printing and packaging industry go in the era of low profits? Yushuishui, President of Xiaolan printing and Packaging Association, pointed out in an interview yesterday that taking the road of high-tech innovation, improving the industrial cluster effect, expanding the big market with small products, and actively exploring overseas markets may be able to fight a way out of the dilemma, while those enterprises with relatively weak strength may be on a road of no return

small and medium-sized enterprises have weak ability to resist risks

Xiaolan printing and packaging industry has a long history. In the mid-1980s, taking the opportunity of reform and opening up, Xiaolan town enterprises began to introduce printing equipment and enter the modern printing industry. Xiaolan's famous exquisite printing agency, Huaxin printing agency and pioneer printing agency were born in this period. These three enterprises have cultivated a large number of talents, and they gradually set up new factories. For this reason, Xiaolan printing and packaging enterprises increased continuously. There were 437 printing and packaging enterprises in the 75 square kilometers of Xiaolan Town, which became one of the pillar industries of Xiaolan at that time

at the same time, the printing and packaging enterprises all over the country are also expanding. Recently, take Zhongshan as an example. 3. The surface roughness that is most often used is the surface roughness corresponding to the tolerance grade. The Torch Development Zone, known as the packaging and printing production base in China, has more than 80 famous packaging and printing enterprises at home and abroad; As far as Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, there are more than 600 printing enterprises with world-class equipment and an annual total output value of more than 3 billion yuan. However, Xiaolan printing and packaging enterprise Greater China Zhongwang is one of the members of the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism of civil aircraft aluminum, and most of them are medium-sized enterprises. Compared with these large enterprises, the anti risk ability is weak

shortage of talents and funds some enterprises closed down

the number of enterprises increased, the competition became more intense, and the problems slowly emerged. In the face of this, Yu Shuishui frankly said that the shortage of talents and funds is the bottleneck restricting the development of Xiaolan printing and packaging industry. Due to the shortage of talents, Xiaolan printing and packaging enterprises "scramble for talents" among themselves, resulting in an increase in enterprise costs. "In the 1990s, the enterprise spent more than 2000 yuan a month to hire an excellent captain; after 2004, the enterprise could not find an ordinary captain even if it opened for 6000 yuan a month." In addition, due to lack of funds, some enterprises can not afford to buy advanced equipment and print trademarks, and are defeated in the competition. Others are on the edge of losing money. Similarly, after some enterprises sell their goods, but the other party fails to cash them in time, a large amount of funds are in arrears, which also increases the burden on enterprises. "At present, there is a saying in Xiaolan's printing and packaging industry: delivering goods is like sending rice, and receiving money is like begging rice." Yu said helplessly. It is reported that since 2004, more than 20 printing and packaging enterprises in Xiaolan have closed down every year

the profits from the price rise of raw materials have also become thinner

however, the biggest headache for Xiaolan printing and packaging enterprises is that in recent years, due to the rising prices of raw materials, especially the prices of plastics, pigments and paper, while the prices of products produced by printing and packaging enterprises are difficult to increase, the profits have become thinner. Yu Shuishui cited an example. In recent years, it costs about 10000 yuan to buy a ton of plastic, an increase of 7000 yuan over 3000 yuan in the 1990s. After processing, a ton of plastic can be added to 12500 yuan. "It seems that there is a profit, but excluding the costs of water and electricity, labor, sewage treatment, machine depreciation and so on, the profit is very small."

continuously improve quality through digitalization

facing difficulties, Xiaolan printing and packaging enterprises are constantly looking for a way out. It can be concluded that as early as June, 2002, Xiaolan printing and Packaging Association instilled the concept of "digital networking before printing, multicolor printing, diversified automation after printing, and high-quality serialization of equipment" into the enterprise, guiding the enterprise to rectify, upgrade and take the road of specialization. Seven printing enterprises, including Jiali Printing Co., Ltd., Yongnan Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Donghua printing art Co., Ltd., imported brand-new computer printing machinery and equipment for four, five and seven colors from Japan, Germany and France respectively. Guangyong packaging factory, Donghua printing art Co., Ltd. and other five enterprises have passed the ISO international quality system certification. Yushuishui told that after transformation, the strength of printing and packaging enterprises has been continuously improved, and some of their products have reached the international level

According to a foreign survey, the printing and packaging industry accounts for a large proportion of foreign national economy, and the more developed the economy, the greater the demand for printing and packaging. Similarly, China's economic development level is improving day by day, and the market prospect of the printing and packaging industry is optimistic. Finally, Yu Shuishui told Xiaolan that the government of Xiaolan Town had considered forming all enterprises in the printing and packaging industry into a group to expand the influence of Xiaolan's printing and packaging industry, but it could not be realized due to various reasons

Xiaolan printing and Packaging Association has organized enterprises to visit Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places. It is found that there is a large demand for printing and packaging in these areas, and the price is relatively appropriate. "The association is considering setting up an office in Hong Kong to further expand the influence of Xiaolan printing and packaging industry cluster and get rid of the current difficult situation of the printing and packaging industry." Yu said that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the printing and packaging industry will usher in a meager profit era. Enterprises should continue to improve their strength and pay attention to increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, so as to reduce the pressure caused by losses in all aspects

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