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Xiaoshan "robot town" has developed the whole industry chain to create a new highland of smart industry

Abstract: among the two batches of 79 provincial-level characteristic town creation objects and 51 provincial-level characteristic town cultivation objects announced by Zhejiang at present, the robot town located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone is the only characteristic town directly named after "robot", which should carry the banner of the province's intelligent manufacturing and robot integrated development

"intelligent manufacturing" will be one of the focuses in the future. New technologies such as robots and artificial intelligence will accelerate the integration with the real economy and spark more industrial sparks with innovation platforms such as characteristic towns

among the two batches of 79 provincial-level characteristic town creation objects and 51 provincial-level characteristic town cultivation objects announced by Zhejiang, the robot town located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone is the only characteristic town directly named after "robot", which should carry the banner of the province's integrated development of intelligent manufacturing and robot

therefore, its planning and construction are all centered on the word "robot", creating an ecological chain of the whole industry chain, building an ecological circle of the robot industry, and creating a new highland of the smart industry

01 the first robot professional exhibition center in the province has both abb and the "second class"

today, the first robot Town Exhibition Center in the province officially opened. This "cocoon" like robot exhibition center is located in the north of the economic belt of the city avenue of Xiaoshan Airport, and has become a landmark of Xiaoshan robot town

it has two layers. The first floor mainly displays the latest development achievements and technologies of robots, and will regularly hold product and technology achievement conferences of small town enterprises, and regularly carry out robot exhibitions. The whole exhibition hall is also full of "robot industrial style". Robot pepper is responsible for explaining and welcoming guests. Visitors can also play chess with robots and watch robot perform classic cultural plays with local characteristics

as an innovative platform to show the development of the robot industry in the province, the exhibition center has introduced a full set of models of the German Italian digital factory, followed by the Siemens digital factory model

the second floor is mainly responsible for robot training, education and other service functions. In the future, it will become the "second classroom" for Hangzhou students to carry out robot related science education

Xiaoshan robot Town, with a total planning area of 3.33 square kilometers, is located in Qiaonan block of Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone. It plans to "one center, two parks and three areas", strengthen the research and development, incubation, promotion and application of the town, and promote the overall development of the robot industry. Of course, the robot town pays more attention to the interaction between cities and industries, and makes ecological civilization and urban civilization complement each other, creating an emerging urban plate area of "function + ecology", "technology + environment" and "transportation + waterfront", so as to promote the transformation, upgrading and transformation of Xiaoshan

in June this year, the industrial supporting complex and life service complex of the robot town were approved by Xiaoshan District Development and Reform Bureau and officially entered the construction period. Among them, the robot industry supporting complex has a total construction area of about 72000 square meters, including scientific research office, maker space, conference center, commercial supporting facilities, etc., with a total investment of 310million yuan, which will further improve the town's basic social construction and public service facilities, and accelerate the robot research, development, production and application. The total construction area of the life service complex in the robot town is about 70000 square meters, including talent apartments, community health service centers, kindergartens, neighborhood centers, etc., with an estimated total investment of nearly 300million yuan. Hongken school, a nine-year system with 36 classes, has a total construction area of about 38000 square meters, has completed the main structure, and formally enrolled students in the autumn of 2018

the robot town under construction will build "six centers" in the future, including industrial center, exhibition and exchange center, event center, popular science tourism and leisure center, scientific research, education and training center and Cultural Creativity Center. It is planned to invest 5billion yuan in three years to build it into a benchmark characteristic town in Zhejiang Province, a new engine for the transformation and upgrading of Xiaoshan Development Zone and a new business card of Xiaoshan City

02 "robot +" new business forms continue to emerge

artificial intelligence, starting with robot picking tomatoes. On December 7, at the "New Technology Application Forum in the era of artificial intelligence manufacturing" held in Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Masahiro Qingshui, chairman of squse Co., Ltd., said, "Let the robot race like a human hand.

don't underestimate the technology of picking tomatoes by robots. It embodies a number of core robot technologies, including visual intelligent sensing technology, CNOOC Zhuhai natural gas liquefaction project, automatic detection, automatic cutting, etc. it can automatically detect mature tomatoes, and accurately locate their shape and position. On the premise of not damaging tomatoes, it can Pull the head part of tomato stalk at a high speed

on December 7, Mo Bangfu, who once served as the "economic adviser" of Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, returned to the development zone. This time, as the "vice president of China Japan branch of Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association", he led a group of "leaders" in the field of Japanese robots into Xiaoshan robot town and held a "New Technology Application Forum in the era of artificial intelligence manufacturing" in the development zone. More than 200 representatives from China and Japan in the field of artificial intelligence and robot industry had a heated discussion on "how to realize the integration of big data artificial intelligence and real economy", and sought a new round of development and cooperation opportunities with each other

it can be said that the tomato picking robot is the application representative of "robot + agriculture". As the cultivation object of provincial-level characteristic towns, Xiaoshan robot town has been focusing on the leading mode of "robot +" for more than two years since its establishment, and has become one of the main battlefields for the transformation and innovative development of Xiaoshan Development Zone. Under the influx of a large number of highly skilled talents in the field of robots and artificial intelligence, new modes such as robot + agriculture, robot + logistics, robot + health, robot + government affairs, robot + special fields (Ocean Patrol inspection, etc.) New business forms will also continue to emerge

Hangzhou Guochen Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has synchronously established Zhejiang intelligent robot research institute in the robot town. Recently, they launched the intelligent product of "robot + health" - Health steward. Wangguocheng, general manager of Guochen, said, "after receiving orders in October, we have more than 80 million orders in hand."

this health robot is equipped with infrared thermometer, intelligent ECG monitor, blood glucose meter, intelligent urine detector, electronic sphygmomanometer, finger pulse oxygen monitoring and other monitoring services. To use the "health steward", you can "brush your face" to log in to the account, and the detected sign data will be intelligently analyzed by the robot. At the same time, this robot has signed up with many offline doctors through its cloud data platform. After the robot gives preliminary diagnosis suggestions, it will also advise the user to contact the contracted doctor. Of course, throughout the use process, users can also communicate with the "health steward" through smart language. It can be said that the "health steward" launched by Guochen is an exploration of the reform of the current domestic hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system. The new business form of "robot + health" has also really entered the fields of slow moving management, home intelligent doctors and so on

with the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy, especially the manufacturing field, "robot + artificial intelligence" has become the latest option. At present, iFLYTEK, yizhi intelligence and other global leading AI leading enterprises have settled in Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone. They will spark innovation with local robots, making Xiaoshan Development Zone an innovation platform for the incubation, application and industrialization of artificial intelligence technology in Hangzhou

"machine insight helps you." This is the enterprise development slogan of Deze robot, which settled in Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone this year. The "eye of insight" is based on vision sensor technology, artificial intelligence algorithm and other intelligent capabilities that enable robots to perceive the world, and will be widely used in the field of intelligent manufacturing

"robot +" has been continuously performed in the robot Town, which will also form a robot industry ecosystem with strong competitiveness and sustainable development here

03 building a first-class robot industry innovation and development demonstration zone and robot application demonstration base

why is the pilot of robot town in the province located in Xiaoshan

some people say that Xiaoshan has a strong manufacturing gene. Zhejiang's manufacturing industry, represented by Xiaoshan, has spent the "golden decade" from 1998 to 2008. Since then, it has stood at the "crossroads" of development and began to seek a good way to "Phoenix Nirvana". The promotion and application of robots, especially the robot technology based on artificial intelligence technology, has become a "decoder" for Zhejiang manufacturing to plan a new round of change. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang's manufacturing industry urgently needs the large-scale application of the robot industry. Xiaoshan, which has two resource advantages of manufacturing foundation and application market, has become the "No. 2 choice"

robots need large-scale application as the basis to truly exert industrial effects. As the head of Deze robot said, "a single robot can not play a big role. With the strong support of the state, a robot group must be formed." Among them, R & D of innovative technology behind "robot +" is the top priority of breakthrough, which has already become the industry consensus

since the beginning of this year, Xiaoshan robot town has also accelerated its gathering pace in this regard. In July, Guochen talent base was settled. It will take three years to introduce a group of "national thousand" and "provincial thousand" high-end robot innovation talents to the development zone based on the market-oriented evaluation criteria. In November, Xinsong and Sirui robot jointly established the China (Hangzhou) robot and intelligent equipment innovation center in Xiaoshan Development Zone. Focusing on the goal of "helping enterprises achieve a digital factory", it will focus on creating "intelligent technology crowdsourcing research and development platform" and "solution exhibition and promotion platform", and gradually expand to big data cloud services, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, financial services and other fields. Next, Xiaoshan Development Zone will jointly build Siemens intelligent manufacturing (Hangzhou) innovation center with Siemens. It will focus on the common key application technologies of digital software in the manufacturing industry, promote the innovation and diffusion of intelligent manufacturing technology at the exploratory stage, integrate resources to serve the transformation of manufacturing enterprises, and become a guiding and service-oriented platform for Xiaoshan intelligent manufacturing

with the accelerated construction of "China artificial intelligence Valley", Xiaoshan Development Zone will also focus on promoting the integration of artificial intelligence robots and manufacturing. Innovative platforms such as iFLYTEK innovation and entrepreneurship platform and Zhejiang Ruiyi artificial intelligence research center will actively enter the local robot industry and open up a new era of "robot + artificial intelligence"

at present, a number of industry leading enterprises, such as Zhejiang intelligent robot research institute, Hangzhou Huigu Science Park of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhongkai robot, Deze robot, East China Research Institute of Sichuan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang branch of ABB Intelligent Systems Research Institute, have taken root in the robot town. Taking Zhejiang intelligent robot research institute as an example, it will build a 10 billion robot industrial park in Xiaoshan Development Zone through five years' efforts, incubate 100 robot industrial chain enterprises, and jointly build a national machine plastic granulator whose main engine is the extruder system human product quality supervision and inspection center. At present, it has introduced 1 "national thousand" person, 1 "provincial thousand" person and 15 doctors

and "robot application" is

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