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On April 29, Xiangtan Tongxin thermal insulation material factory had a fire and explosion, and some of the factory buildings collapsed. Under the pressure of canned freon and nitrogen, especially Freon will explode in high temperature. Fire officers and soldiers are trying their best to control the fire

At about 10 a.m. on the 29th, wuchunyuan, who was washing vegetables, saw bursts of black smoke from the enclosure of Xiangtan Tongxin thermal insulation material factory across the road. The black smoke became thicker and the temperature became higher and higher. A cylinder filled with Freon exploded in high temperature. Students living in the Qindao student apartment of Xiangtan University could also feel the shock of the explosion. Tongxin thermal insulation material factory is located next to the driver test center of Xiangtan traffic police detachment, Xiangtan University New Road, nearly 1km away from Xiangtan University

vibration can be felt at a distance of 1km

wuchunyuan saw that thick black smoke was overflowing from the enclosure of Tongxin thermal insulation material factory across the road, and immediately called the police. While waiting for the fire engine, wuchunyuan's house was wrapped in black smoke, and the temperature was getting higher and higher

the fire started from the south of Tongxin thermal insulation material factory and quickly spread to the north. As there are many foam stacked in the factory, the open fire is not large, but the black smoke is very thick. Wuchunyuan saw that in the Tongxin thermal insulation material factory, several employees moved out a tank that seemed to contain liquefied gas. Then he saw someone climb over the fence and flee to the factory. Fearing an explosion, wuchunyuan greeted his family and some neighbors and ran to a nearby railway bridge to take shelter. Sure enough, soon there was an explosion, and the feet shook violently, and the glass of the nearby houses fell with a clatter

after the explosion, wuchunyuan returned home and found that all the doors and windows had been damaged, and there was no intact glass in the whole house

a friend of the red Xiangtan forum posted that he was in the Qindao student apartment of Xiangtan University at that time. He could also feel the explosion of some fatigue testing machines specially customized by the company for the special requirements of some special industries. Tongxin thermal insulation material factory is nearly 1km away from Xiangtan University

dispatched 11 fire engines

Xiangtan Fire detachment dispatched 11 fire engines and 76 modified plastics, which have a huge market in the field of automobile manufacturing. 16. Automatic calibration: the available electrical calibration values for load and elongation were automatically calibrated at 10:05, and Xiangtan Yuhu fire squadron arrived at the scene; At 10:11, Xiangtan Jiuhua fire squadron rushed to the scene. The factory building has partially collapsed due to the explosion, and the fire is fierce due to a large number of flammable Extruded Boards in the factory building. Fire officers and soldiers need to take water from nearby ponds to supplement the fire water source

there are also cans of freon and nitrogen stored in Tongxin thermal insulation material factory, especially Freon will explode in case of high temperature. The fire officers and men immediately organized water guns to suppress the spread of the fire. At the same time, they quickly grabbed the gas tank containing Freon from the fire site and sprayed the gas tank with water guns to reduce the temperature of freon to prevent new explosions

12:10, the fire was successfully extinguished. According to the introduction of Xiangtan fire brigade, Tongxin thermal insulation material factory suddenly had a fire in the process of loading and unloading extruded boards. The fire spread rapidly from the roof. The high temperature led to an explosion of an air tank containing Freon. At present, the cause of the fire is still under investigation

similar enterprises will stop production for rectification

the Publicity Department of Yuhu District, Xiangtan City reported that after the fire, the principals of Yuhu District and Xianfeng Township, as well as the fire control, public security, safety supervision, environmental protection and other departments rushed to the scene in time to quickly carry out the fire fighting work, evacuate the surrounding people and pull up the warning line to maintain the on-site order. After investigation, the accident caused no casualties, and the explosion caused vibration to the doors and windows of nearby residential houses

Yuhu District has established an accident handling leading group to handle the accident. The environmental protection department shall intervene in time to master the surrounding environmental conditions, monitor whether the fire causes pollution, and dispose and landfill the garbage generated by the fire. The fire department takes the lead in investigating the causes of the fire. The safety supervision department shall actively prevent secondary disasters caused by accidents and investigate the situation of the accident unit. The public security department is investigating and verifying possible illegal and criminal acts, and cooperating with relevant departments to eliminate hidden dangers

Yuhu District will deploy a carpet inspection on the situation of similar enterprises in the region, requiring similar enterprises to stop production for rectification

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