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Xianyang printing and dyeing factory has made a comeback and made great achievements. Xianyang printing and dyeing factory, which was once on the verge of closure, not only has the capacity reduction of the two industries recently been full of vitality, but has recently developed seven colors, such as coffee and dark green. The service life of the oil is determined according to the local climate. The oil leakage of 47 ″ 8 and 16 oil circuit systems of 27 varieties generally appears in the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline Printed corduroy. The man-made cotton cloth developed and produced by ourselves is not only popular in the Northwest market, but also exported to more than one million meters in Southeast Asia in the whole process of the movement. At present, the products of this factory sell well in the northwest, North China and Central Plains markets with excellent quality and variety

in the mid-1980s, this factory was once a major profit and tax payer in Xianyang City, but it has gradually lost money since 1990. In the second half of 1995, it was in the state of production and semi production, and in 1997, it was completely shut down. In the whole plant, except for leaving some government personnel to stick to their posts and only pay more than 100 yuan of living expenses per month, the rest of the staff are laid off and go home. The plant is full of weeds and desolate

after several years of degradation, the whole plant offered suggestions and began to plan how to rise again. To this end, Donggang, the factory director, personally took his salesmen to the textile markets in the northwest provinces for investigation. After the strip production line in the factory was put into operation, it was only able to make Yuanqing thin fabrics. After investigation, they successively developed medium thickness, medium width, wide width, corduroy Yuanqing, variegated, printed garment fabrics and velour fabrics, with 12 varieties and specifications and more than 70 varieties of colors

the leading group of the factory headed by Dong Gang is sincere and United, and wholeheartedly relies on the employees to run the enterprise. Deflection group has also injected 5.7 million yuan of working capital into Xianyang printing and dyeing factory in recent years. They also re established rules and regulations, improved various management systems and responsibilities of various management personnel, intensified technical transformation, invested 40000 yuan in technological transformation of pretreatment equipment, and built a new cold pad batch pretreatment production line, which not only created conditions for expanding variety and saving energy, but also improved the output and quality of products. It is estimated that it can increase labor productivity by 20%, increase output by 800000 meters and increase output value by 3million yuan

with such a good market and so many machine manufacturers, the whole factory seems to have seen the once flourishing Xianyang printing and dyeing factory. But director Dong said that we have every reason to make the whole factory even better

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