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Xiangtan No. 1 paint factory noise, atmosphere and poison captain Li 2 Definition of intensity: under the action of external force: the one that should be banned will be banned. Captain Li: the one that should be banned will be banned. May 27, 2016. China paint information. Recently, some friends reported that a paint workshop next to the community started operation at 6 a.m. every day. Medium and large trucks came in and out one after another. There was huge noise and pungent smell during operation, It has seriously affected the normal life of the surrounding residents. Yuetang District Environmental Protection Bureau said that the handling of this matter has entered the filing procedure and is actively collecting evidence

On the morning of the 26th, I came to the dormitory community of the original auto parts factory in Jiangbian village, Baota street, Yuetang district. According to the resident, the paint workshop is only one wall away from the dormitory community. He said: "this workshop used to be used as a paint warehouse. In the past two years, the warehouse has become a workshop. It starts to work at 6 a.m. every day. The entry and exit of large trucks are very disturbing to the residents. During processing and production, they emit a very unpleasant smell. Many residents say that they will feel dizzy and vomit after smelling for a long time. Now we dare not even open the windows."

under the guidance of Mr. Xiang, he came to this workshop. The words "powder warehouse" were written on the wall at the door. After entering, I smelled a pungent smell. There is a row of bungalows next to the wall. There are nearly 2 meters high plastic buckets piled around the open space. One staff member is delivering goods. "Mazhanfeng said that the car is loading goods, and another staff member is cleaning the plastic buckets on the open space

Mr. Luo, the person in charge of the workshop, said that he is a regular factory called "Hongfa paint". He has contracted for more than ten years and has complete environmental protection certificates. When he said that he wanted to see the relevant certificates, Mr. Luo said that "the certificates are not here, so I can't see them". He also said: "some residents have reported before that we have covered the paint powder for painting the wall with a rain cloth, and here we are all some scrap steel that can be used as raw materials to be transported to xin3zhou special steel plant across the wall to smelt environmental friendly glue. There is no smell. As for the noise problem, it will be dawn at 5 o'clock now, and it is not too early for us to start at 6 o'clock."

then, I went to the riverside villagers' committee of Baota sub district office to learn about the situation. The staff told that "Hongfa coating" is a collective enterprise, and adhering to cooperation and innovation is the key to Dow's sustainable development. The factory was built in the 1970s, and the dormitory of the auto parts factory was built later. The staff member of the director's office of the villagers' committee said: "the normal production of the enterprise should not be affected by the complaints of the residents of the auto parts factory. If the residents say that the noise and air pollution of the factory are caused, they should be asked to show the certificate of environmental protection testing, otherwise we will ignore the matter."

does the gas and sound emitted during the production of "Hongfa paint" cause pollution? According to leader Li of the law enforcement squadron of Yuetang District Environmental Protection Bureau, as early as March, they had received complaints from residents about water pollution of Hongfa paint, and went to the site for testing that day. It was found that the wastewater discharge did not meet the standard, and they were required to rectify. Captain Li said: "Hongfa paint has now entered the filing procedure. We are also actively investigating evidence. Next week, we will go to the scene to test its exhaust and noise. If the rectification is still not in place, we will go through legal procedures and ban what should be banned."

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