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Xiaoshan Yaqian chemical fiber textile, which breeds spring in winter, is a traditional advantageous industry in Yaqian. In the face of the severe international and domestic situation, Yaqian chemical fiber textile enterprises did not have to rely on each other and calmly responded. "Circuitous production" and "dual track parallel" have become hot words in Yaqian business circles, and a profound evolution has been carried out in an all-round way

small profit and guaranteed principal. The chemical fiber textile industry as a whole is facing a severe test

the important chemical fiber textile town also experienced deep impact under the "push" of different light sources. At the regular meeting of the town authorities held in Yaqian town on the 9th, zhouwucan, Secretary of the Party committee of the town, said: "in the face of the severe situation, the key is that each of us should do our own things well." According to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the sales output value of Enterprises above Designated Size in the town reached 13.065 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.31%

accumulate strength and run to the future. The predecessor of Ya is breaking the topic and breaking through the pass

circuitous production to improve the level of specialization

not long ago, Huaheng textile's sales company in China Light Textile City could print directly and officially open for business if the microcomputer function was strong. The trademark of Bemberg (binba TM) from Japan, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and the trademark of Huaheng textile shidie appeared on the label of Huaheng fabric

after several months of development, Huaheng textile is the first in China to develop copper ammonia short fiber clothing fabrics using Asahi Huacheng raw materials, which has entered mass production at present. This kind of plant fabric, second only to silk, costs more than 100 yuan/meter in the Japanese and European markets. To make this breakthrough, Huaheng textile adopts the method of "shares + high salary", hires the former president of China textile company in mirrorio, Italy, as the general manager of the sales company, and hires well-known experts from Shanghai to carry out brand operation. It plans to invest all the profits of copper ammonia short fiber clothing fabrics in the development and quality management this year and next, and gradually realize "improving the enterprise brand with brand fabrics and gradually integrating high-end products"

in front of yamen, Huaheng textile, with a sales volume of more than 60million yuan last year, is an unknown "small enterprise". However, Li Zhugen, a 42 year old family member, has achieved a leap from passive to active, from tangible development to intangible expansion through circuitous production and improving the level of specialization

Huaheng textile, which started with 8 shuttle looms, was established in 1998. It is a traditional textile enterprise, producing ordinary fabrics. In 2006, lizhugen reluctantly gave up his love and resolutely sold all the looms. "They are all processed with supplied materials and samples. There is no core thing and no bargaining power. They are all in a passive state." Lizhugen said

Huaheng began to turn to the development mode of "driving the production of core raw materials with core processes and driving the production and operation of differentiated products". Through process innovation, Huaheng textile has produced special yarns, which ensures the characteristics of outsourced fabrics. "Make the profession to the extreme and be the king in the market segment." Lizhugen picked up the paper and pen and drew a crisscross market square. Huaheng textile is currently in a crisscross market gap

from weaving to core raw materials, the circuitous and specialized production controlled by Huaheng textile has doubled the benefits of the enterprise. Since the establishment of the enterprise, the production site under the name of Huaheng textile has been only 3100 square meters. However, compared with that before the transformation in 2006, the sales scale has increased by about 50%, the benefits have increased several times, and the personnel have been reduced to more than 60 now

it is difficult to find innovative points and dare not invest when they are found, which is the reason why many enterprises lack vitality. At present, Huaheng textile is building ERP (enterprise resource planning management system) for information transformation

the concept and mode of Huaheng textile has attracted the attention of Asahi Kasei of Japan. After more than 4 years of repeated investigation, the two sides reached in-depth cooperation. Asahi Huacheng authorized Huaheng textile to use its Bemberg trademark, and Huaheng textile entered the track of building a brand and integrating high-end products

dual track parallel, building a new industrial chain

if Huaheng textile's focus has achieved quality, then the dual track parallel strategy represented by Hengyi "big brother" will lead the enterprise into a "new blue ocean"

in December last year, "baling Hengyi" was established, marking the march into new fields of Hengyi group, the largest domestic textile raw material supplier. Hengyi, known as "vertical integration, horizontal scale, and gradually breaking through the bottleneck of upstream raw material supply, such as collision", sees the opportunities of the domestic nylon industry. After the project is put into operation in the second quarter of this year, the enterprise will form a dual track industrial pattern of polyester and nylon raw materials

this also allows the small and medium-sized enterprises in front of the Yamen to smell new business opportunities. Zhejiang Yinan Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd., one of the top 100 enterprises in the District, did not stop production during the Spring Festival this year. In June, the company basically had no inventory of nylon coated silk, and the price and quantity were stable. In 2009, Zhanhua industry transformed from the production of chemical fiber supporting paper tubes to polyester spinning and texturing. The technical transformation project with an investment of 5million yuan will be launched this month. After completion, the upstream spinning will be integrated with the downstream texturing. In May, a new industrial chain connecting the upstream and downstream of nylon spinning, texturing and wrapping will be launched to build a dual track development model of polyester and nylon. In order to improve the competitiveness of cutting-edge products, Hangzhou Yongqian cloth Co., Ltd. has decided to invest nearly 10million yuan to introduce the world's best coating technology and equipment to produce low-carbon and environment-friendly luggage cloth products

"the industry will not collapse. The key is how to survive in winter and welcome the arrival of spring." Said Wei Guanjun, general manager of Zhanhua industry

this is the principle of "seeking progress in stability and change in difficulty" in front of Yamen

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