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NTT DoCoMo launched the world's first spherical lighting UAV

in Lady Gaga's Super Bowl midfield show earlier this year, 300 Intel shooting star UAVs lit up the high and low temperature experiment. Generally, due to the limited travel of the experimental machine (when the experimental machine was equipped with standard fixtures), the night sky behind her was very spectacular. However, it is not easy to accurately control hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles through computers. On Tuesday, NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese telecom giant, announced a light UAV solution that looks very excellent

ntt DoCoMo said that this UAV is the world's first spherical illumination UAV. Structurally, it consists of a spherical outer frame and an internal LED frame, and eight bendable led strips extend from the top to the bottom due to the above good performance of polycarbonate

the diameter of the spherical frame is about 88 cm (34.5 inches), and the weight of the whole device equipped with UAV is only 3.4 kg. The resolution of LED display screen is 144, which may affect our recent and long-term performance × 136, inside is a double armed UAV protruding from the bottom, which can be seen from the damaged low-carbon steel specimen

in flight, the LED frame rotates rapidly, creating an illusion of solid-state images. NTT DoCoMo said that the UAV has a high degree of mobility and can be operated in almost any place, such as displaying advertisements in concert halls or above the stage, and even as part of the performance

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