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NTT Communications Hong Kong new data center officially launched

Financial Data Center II 2 Regularly check the screw phase (fdc2) of the jaw. The design of ultra-high density data center and the service level of high transparency significantly improve energy efficiency and optimize the overall cost of ownership

ctiforum news on December 10 (Li Wenjie): NTT communications announced on December 9 that its quasi tier IV specification designed financial data center phase II (fdc2) was officially opened, marking the completion of the data center project with a total investment of HK $4billion. The specially constructed dedicated data center building provides more than 7000 cabinets, making it the largest data center in Hong Kong at present. With advanced environmental protection and energy-saving technology and high-density design, fdc2 aims to help data-based enterprises accelerate the digital transformation, which will not only help customers reduce the overall cost of ownership, but also improve the transparency of service levels. It has implemented the company's commitment to improving the service level of data centers and has achieved good reputation and evaluation in the industry

mr. Zhuang sizheye, President and CEO of NTT communications, said: "Hong Kong is located at the key node of China's the Belt and Road development plan. In 2014, the trade volume between Hong Kong and Eurasian countries in this trade corridor reached US $670 billion, accounting for 66% of Hong Kong's total trade. However, many Hong Kong, mainland and even global enterprises have not really transformed into digital enterprises, and there is no long-term data center management strategy to match the rapid growth of mobile communications, IOT, cloud and big data. It has just been completed Fdc2 will be able to meet the urgent needs of enterprises for digital transformation and help enterprises capture the global opportunities brought by the the Belt and Road development plan. "

Mr. Yeung Wai Hung, Secretary for innovation and technology, said, "data centers are an important infrastructure in a knowledge-based economy and are very important to the development of the information and communication technology sector. In the past few years, we have been trying to find suitable land to develop data centers, from new land to retrofitting existing buildings. The government will continue to seek more suitable places for data centers in different ways, such as the development of caves."

Ms. Luo fan Jiaofen, chairman of the board of directors of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, said: "In the digital age, everything in our life is closely related to the Internet, so the data center has never been so important. The data center is not only to support pillar industries such as trade and finance, but in fact, not all the experimental machines produced by enterprises can meet the production needs of all walks of life. It is an indispensable infrastructure in the development. At the same time, it is also a catalyst for the development of emerging industries and applications, and these new developments will pay attention to our economy Enter a new power. Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation has always been committed to maintaining close ties with the industry to promote collaboration and industry growth. I sincerely congratulate NTT communications on the official launch of the new data center today. In the era of digital business transformation, these data centers will bring great benefits to the industry and society as a whole. "

the use of ultra-high power density and energy-saving cooling technology significantly reduces the overall cost of ownership

information and communication technology hubs in the Asia Pacific region, such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, are not only land scarce, but also rent high. There is a real need for a more intelligent and cost-effective data center management strategy. Improving power density is one of the methods. Installing more servers in the same cabinet of the client will help customers reduce the overall cost of ownership with detailed technical explanations of the testing machine. However, if the temperature and humidity cannot be kept stable in the ultra-high power density data center, customers may face additional costs and unexpected downtime caused by the failure of information technology assets

fdc2 is equipped with a high energy efficiency and uninterrupted cooling system. The power density of each cabinet is up to 24KVA, and it can support 54u ultra-high cabinets to accommodate more information technology equipment. The above environmental protection, energy conservation and high-density design all depend on the advanced cooling technology adopted by fdc2, including the cold wall system (innovative forward flow cooling design and hot channel airflow containment equipment) and the cooling battery (Hong Kong's largest data center layered thermal energy storage system). The perfect combination of these advanced technologies can not only provide 100% uptime guarantee for ultra-high power density, but also improve the cooling energy efficiency by more than 20%, so that the annual power use efficiency (annual PUE) of fdc2 can reach 1.5 or less of the industry-leading under full load

improve the transparency of service level and improve risk management

in the face of increasingly stringent laws and regulations, coupled with the increasing pressure of investment return, enterprise customers need to improve the transparency of service level, realize data virtualization, and comprehensively manage the life cycle of all key facilities in the data center

fdc2 provides a data-oriented customer dedicated service platform "virtual data center", which improves the transparency of service level to an unprecedented level, allowing customers to closely monitor the real-time or past performance of the data center, including stability, capacity and energy efficiency. By monitoring real-time service performance and properly formulating data center management strategies based on past data, enterprise customers can make informed decisions quickly and reduce business risks

in addition, fdc2 has also expanded the coverage of service level agreements (SLAs) to cover general power supply and cooling performance, as well as network connection, security and service response time, so that NTT communications can provide customers with unparalleled comprehensive risk management and service assurance, and improve the coverage of service level agreements in the industry to a higher level

in fiscal year 2015, NTT communications opened nine new data centers around the world, including the largest data center in India opened in Mumbai in October, and t communications, which opened in Hong Kong this time, has formulated aggressive plans to expand the company's global data center business outside Japan, especially in strategic markets such as Hong Kong, so as to better meet the needs of international corporate customers

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