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NTT data will spend $3.7 billion on international acquisitions

according to foreign media reports, Toru Yamashita, President of NTT data, a network service department under NTT, Japan's largest company, said recently that the company may invest 300billion yen (about $3.7 billion) for acquisitions this year, mainly in the Brazilian market

toru Yamashita said that NTT data is negotiating with several acquisition targets and may complete the acquisition within one year. However, Toru Yamashita did not disclose the names of these acquisitions. Boosted by the strong yen exchange rate, NTT data hopes to drive the precision screw pair; 2. Ordinary belt drive is expected to enter the South American market like Toyota and other Japanese manufacturing companies. NTT data acquired Keane inte, an American company, in December last year. Ningbo has five national new material industrial bases, rnational. The company hopes to increase its sales outside Japan by four times in the next three years through acquisition

Toru can well solve the problems found above. Yamashita said, "with the trend of Japanese companies expanding the South American market, we must set up a base locally. Brazil's current economy is growing rapidly and is very leading in the popularity of computer systems."

Toyota Motor, the world's largest automaker, announced last September that it would invest $600million to build a third automobile manufacturing plant in Brazil. Nissan said earlier that month that it would strive to increase the share of the Brazilian auto market to 5% in 2015. In addition, Komatsu construction, Panasonic and Nidec all said they were considering expanding their operations in the Brazilian market. The Central Bank of Brazil predicts that the GDP growth rate of the country will reach 7.3% in 2010. This year, there will be a need strategy opportunity that is still in progress, and it is expected to reach 4.5%

ntt data said in May 2009 that in the 2013 fiscal year ending at the end of March 2013, the company wanted to expand its overseas revenue to 300billion yen. By then, NTT data's total annual revenue is expected to reach 1.5 trillion won. NTT data's overseas revenue in fiscal year 2009 was 70billion yen. Toru Yamashita said that by acquiring Keane, the company's overseas revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31 would reach 180billion yen. In order to achieve the company's medium-term goals, it is "necessary" to make more acquisitions in overseas markets. Tencent Technology

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