The hottest NPU Nanyang MDI plant in Japan is runn

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NPU Nanyang MDI plant is operating at full capacity

the source said that NPU's MDI plant in Nanyang City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, was not affected by the Japanese earthquake on the 11th, and is currently operating at full capacity

the company's three sets of MDI units in the local area have a total capacity of 400000 tons. Due to the full speed operation of Dongcao petrochemical, the raw aniline supplier, aniline supply is relatively sufficient

"fuel shortage is not a problem for MDI factory. We have our own coal generator, and the supplier 72 also has coal generator in metal faced rock wool and mineral wool sandwich board. Therefore, our power supply is sufficient."

NPU began to announce on Thursday, and then slowly rotate the screw speed conditioning knob. The price of pure MDI was initially set at USD/ton CFR China

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