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Nuance mobile developer project global application developers have exceeded 10000

ctiforum news on June 20 (Ouyang): nuance communication company recently announced that the mobile developer project (ndev mobile) has shown strong growth momentum since its launch in 2011, and has attracted more than 10000 developers to join. Mobile developers around the world can download the Dragon mobile software development kit through ndev mobile to share the Dragon speech recognition technology. The kit supports speech recognition in more than 20 languages and speech synthesis applications in more than 30 languages

Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager of nuance mobile, said that we are very grateful to the developers for helping us set this milestone together. Ndev mobile provides developers with a unique opportunity to use sound dragon and other key nuance technologies for development work, and also allows engineers and designers to develop applications that are compatible with more devices and operating systems and support more languages

highlights of the ndev mobile developer project:

the voice processing capacity of ndev Mobile has increased by 384% in the past six months

70% of developers are developing applications that support multiple languages

60% of developers are from outside the United States

in the past six months, for Android The number of Windows Phone 7 and other ndev mobile applications supporting HTTP interface has increased by 47%

more than 50% of developers have joined the advanced support program of ndev mobile

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it is worth mentioning that the sayhi translate voice translation app, which has recently become popular in Apple's app store, is said to have been downloaded more than 100000 times a week after it was launched. Through the nuance mobile developer project, benefiting from the sound dragon mobile software development kit and nuance's speech synthesis (TTS) technology, sayhi translate has a powerful speech recognition function. As an effective instant translation tool and a portable translation tool in the pockets of business people, it breaks the language barrier and becomes a special tool for financial planners, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, educators The security platform set up by bankers, retailers, government agencies and more professionals can immediately meet their needs for language translation

ndev mobile provides three service schemes: silver, gold and jade. Developers can flexibly choose voice functions according to their personal needs

dragon mobile software development kit is suitable for IOS 4.0 and 5.0 (iphone/ipad/ipod touch), Android 2.1 or higher, Windows Phone 7.1 and through HTTP web service interface

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