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NTT Ltd. was rated as the leader of security hosting service providers in the Asia Pacific region in 2020 by IDC marketscape. On March 25, 2020, NTT Ltd., the world's leading technology service company, was rated as the leader by IDC marketscape: 2020 assessment report on security hosting service (MSS) providers in the Asia Pacific region (Document No. ap, February 2020), praising its strategic business partner strategy widely recognized by customers

the report, which evaluated 19 Asia Pacific secure hosting service (MSS) providers, including NTT Ltd., pointed out that NTT Ltd. provides the most comprehensive portfolio of secure hosting services for customers in the region with its largest revenue engine, covering threat detection and network hosting services. This is the fourth consecutive time that NTT Ltd. has been rated as the industry leader of security hosting service provider in the Asia Pacific region

NTT Ltd., established in July 2019, brings together 31 brands and companies, including NTT communications, dimension data and NTT security. It has become one of the largest technology service providers in the world and one of the largest security service providers in Asia/Pacific, operating in 17 countries in the region. With its fine traditions and expertise in networks, data centers and the cloud, NTT Ltd. helps enterprises that strive for innovation in this era of digital transformation achieve security through design

the world exhibition will also provide a new international platform for mutual discussion, exchange, communication and cooperation, world-class predictive threat detection and intelligence functions

with the creation of more and more applications and workloads in the cloud environment, the report also commends NTT Ltd. for its professionalism in cloud based security services and managed cloud security. The report also highlights NTT Ltd.'s expertise in predictive threat detection and the cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) framework operated by its Global Threat Intelligence Center (gtic) team. In addition, customers' feedback also shows that NTT Ltd.'s service delivery continues to improve, and the relationship between the company and customers has developed from a pure relationship between service providers and customers to a strategic business partnership

Mattew gyde, CEO of Security Department of NTT Ltd., said: NTT Ltd. has been continuously rated as the leader by IDC marketscape Asia/Pacific Security hosting service report, which is an important affirmation of our company's network security service efficiency and consultant led model. The network security situation is changing with each passing day, and security risks are rising, so that enterprises are looking for strategic partners who can provide innovative solutions to help them strengthen network defense. And predictive threat intelligence will develop to a new level. In order to provide customers with timely and operable threat detection and Threat Intelligence, NTT will start from the initial platform. Ltd. will strive to continuously improve service delivery standards, and will continue to actively invest in research and development plans and develop advanced analysis technologies and proprietary tools

ntt Ltd. has security operations centers (SOC) and R & D centers all over the world, and has a thorough understanding of dark web, which is widely recognized by the market because of its visibility into most of the world's Internet traffic. This also enables NTT Ltd. to access the data of logs, events, attacks, accidents and vulnerabilities, and collect useful Threat Intelligence to help customers detect emerging threats, reduce security risks, and respond to security vulnerabilities more quickly

mattew gyde added: we always strive to improve and bring maximum value to our customers. For example, 75% of the threats detected by our security operation center are found through supervised machine learning analysis in close cooperation with threat intelligence. Our security experts use algorithms to identify malicious action patterns, find abnormal phenomena, and automatically arrange security control programs. The top priority of enterprises, large and small, is to integrate this high-level intelligence into infrastructure and applications

he concluded that although no enterprise can be 100% immune to network attacks, we can help them take the initiative to fight and put network security at the core of their business operations. NTT Ltd.'s expertise in advanced security services and its good reputation as a leading security hosting service provider will ensure that customers will deploy appropriate protective measures in business processes, technology, services and manpower from the beginning

for more details, please download the summary of the relevant IDC marketscape report

Time waits for no man! Cui Lixin said that the IDC marketscape supplier analysis model aims to provide an overview of the competitiveness of ICT suppliers in specific markets. Relevant research methods adopt both quantitative and qualitative criteria, and produce a single diagram through a strict scoring system to illustrate the position of each supplier in the specific market. The clear framework provided by IDC marketscape can make a meaningful comparison between the products and services, capabilities and Strategies of it and telecommunications technology suppliers, as well as current and future market success factors. In addition, the framework also provides technology buyers with a 360 degree assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and future suppliers

about NTT Ltd.

NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology service company. We cooperate with organizations around the world to shape and achieve results through intelligent technology solutions. For us, intelligence means data drive, connectivity, digitalization and security. As a global ICT provider, we have more than 40000 employees in diverse and dynamic workplaces in 57 countries around the world, trade with 73 countries and provide services to more than 200 countries and regions. Work together to create the future of Internet

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