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NTT group chose BearingPoint//beyond to accelerate its digital transformation and support business innovation

ntt company corporation will use BearingPoint's infonova digital business platform to improve the production cost of products//beyond to simplify and modernize the business support system of NTT subsidiaries, Enable them to quickly launch new advanced solutions and new business models

Amsterdam -- (U.S. business information) -- BearingPoint announced today that NTT group, Japan's largest fixed and mobile telecommunications service provider, one of the world's top five telecommunications providers, and one of Japan's five companies with the highest market capitalization, The experimental machine has been selected to meet the use requirements, and the infonova digital business platform of bearingpoint//beyond has been selected to realize the modernization, simplification and unification of its business support system, so as to better serve customers, improve operational efficiency and increase new revenue

this is part of NTT group's broader strategy to bring more value to customers through 5g and new services. Its new services will provide b2b2x mode and a rich portfolio of value-added ICT services, including IOT and AI, to better meet customers' individual needs and better support customers' digital transformation

infonova digital business platform will accelerate the digital transformation of NTT group by enhancing NTT's ability to experiment, innovate, use new technologies, introduce new business models and services, improve agility and efficiency, realize process automation and integrate ecosystem partners

ntt Company Corporation, a system integration provider wholly owned by NTT group, will implement, operate and manage the so-called new it plan, which will run on the bearingpoint//beyond platform as a global cloud native software as a service (SaaS) solution. NTT comware plans to use the platform among all NTT's Japanese subsidiaries. In this way, each NTT subsidiary can become an independent tenant on the bearingpoint//beyond platform. Increasing the research and development of polyurethane waterproof coating can add its own ecosystem partners, increase sales channels, and bring enterprise customers into the platform as tenants, all of which are completed under the completely unimpeded automated b2b2x mode, so as to achieve the highest efficiency and conduct global transactions

bearingpoint//beyond platform will provide service management, customer relationship management (CRM) and contract management, directory and order management, contract performance and partner coordination. It also supports the monetization of existing and future B2C, B2B, SMB, wholesale and b2b2x needs, as well as dynamic new industry markets. NTT group will also use the platform to manage the configuration process of its products and services, including quotation and bundle sales

compared with the solutions of competitors, NTT company is impressed by the flexibility and scalability of infonova digital business platform. All subsidiaries of NTT group plan to use this platform to transform their existing operations to increase revenue and introduce new technologies, services and business models, especially the b2b2x model that uses the partner ecosystem to help customers really reach the temperature required for process operation and is benefiting from advanced technology

bearingpoint//beyond CEO Angus Ward said: NTT group is well aware of the importance of operational agility and the time to market of new services. All enterprises will benefit from infonova, especially looking forward to the 5g era. The revenue growth strategy needs to create a new b2b2x business model with the partner ecosystem through disruptive innovation, and integrate the connectivity of equipment, IOT and AI into new products and services. NTT group has set an example for business innovation. Operators in other parts of the world must follow this path to provide customer value and achieve revenue growth, which is critical to their continued business success

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