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NPE 2012: meiqui PRS new system can handle "difficult to process" plastics

meiqui announced on the 3rd that the company has recently enhanced its PRS system, which can convert cleaning materials into crushed materials and obtain CE certification, so that it can be used in the European market

prs has been successfully applied to the recovery of a variety of polymer cleaning materials, and the new reinforcement design enables it to be used for the recovery of soft PVC materials, because this material will stretch and block the traditional pelletizer when using the cutter; For shear sensitive polymers such as polystyrene, they often melt due to friction heat in standard equipment. This design improvement can recycle PVC with 85shorea hardness. Usually, this part of consumer demand shows rigidity for wires and cables

meikui will show the new ability of PRs at the point of npe2012 heavy plastic tensile testing machine adopting brand high-performance electromechanical and its driving system 1 integrated structure to drive the synchronous belt deceleration system, and use data to show the rapid return on the system investment

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